Vapor lock. Now also in wet, cold summers

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Vapor lock. Now also in wet, cold summers

The petrols with alcohol in it, we are now used to it. But: "Alcohol destroys more than you love ..." The bubbles in the gas lines, vapor lock, prove that once again.

Adding Ethanol causes an increase in the vapor pressure, which causes the so-called “Vapor Lock” to occur. This creates vapor bubbles in fuel lines, the carburetor or the injection system. And nowadays tropical temperatures are not even necessary anymore, because of vapor lock the engine will not start hot, or with fuel pumpless motorcycles the engine can simply stall or run badly.

The problem is increasing in the mountains (holiday in Limburg or further) due to the lower air pressure. A solution for this is to mix 0,1 to 0,2% Acetone with the gasoline so that the surface tension decreases again. In the context of 'Every advantage has a disadvantage is the possible dissolution of rubber and plastics.'

A solution to prevent the vapor lock problem is to create a 'heat shield' between the pipe in question and the hot part that is located there. A simple aluminum plate is often sufficient



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