Very challenging Porsche projects in the auction

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Online auction house Classic Car Auctions is organizing a public online auction of classic Porsches until September 25, varying from driving extremely challenging project with a lot of potential to models in top condition.

Taken into the auction

The party takes place in the real world at a location in Breda. A number of the Porsches on offer would have been unsaleable a few years ago. But because 'patina' is the magic word nowadays and there are a number of fairly rare copies such as the rare 911S from 1969 and 1970, some very early 356s and two 3.0 liter Primal Turbos among the Porsches that have sometimes been very much tested by the ravages of time. it is not expected that the auction will offer the opportunity to score a Porsche for 'next to nothing'.

Some specimens therefore look ready for demolition

Other models just need a little love and attention on the eye. A red Porsche 356 Speedster is apparently in top condition. The Speedster was once the cheapest Porsche model, but is now worth around three hundred thousand euros as a classic in perfect condition. Even the replicas based on a VW Beetle chassis and equipped with a plastic carriage 'do now for around 50.000 euros. With the scratchy HERSTEL patina rich Porsches, it should be noted that some 'barn finds' recently yield just as much - if not more - than perfectly restored ones.

The auction house

Classic Car Auctions is intended for the online purchase and sale of classic or special cars. The condition of the cars can vary from a restoration object to a copy in top condition.

The intention is that a wide audience and a large collection of classics come together a number of times a year via the site and in their own auction building or on location, where the cars offered can be viewed during the viewing days.

Extensive reports and photo reports are made of the classics offered. These can be seen on the site.

Registration is free and within 5 minutes. After this registration you can bid on the classic of your choice. These bids are of course subject to notarial supervision and the sales and auction conditions of Classic Car Auctions apply.

The classics offered can come from both the private and business markets. This way you can come across unexpected and unknown copies at Classic Car Auctions, which makes viewing the offer a pleasant and surprising activity. For people who have not read the auction rules, the surprise may be that premium still comes on top of the final price. That is the case with every auction. And that information is always neatly on the relevant sites.

Safe, but at risk

Auctions from recognized auction houses are under notarial supervision, which guarantees full transparency. In addition, these companies comply with strict compliance rules.

In short: Buying at an auction is quite safe. But there are a few things that can be annoying. so there is no possibility to take a test drive. Moreover, there is a chance that during the bidding there is a chance of what is called a 'feeding frenzy' in sharks: the bids then run wild emotionally and the prices can then climb up each other's backs like monkeys.

An auction is not necessarily the place where you can get your bargains.

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