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On the basis of the Volvo P1800S - which actually stands on a shortened 'floor' of an Amazon - various bodybuilders built cabriolet versions. Volvo had wanted to do that itself, but thought it would be too expensive and, moreover, the project would end up as a two-seater.


In 1965, the British bodybuilder was instructed by the Volvo dealer in Hull to turn a brand new Volvo P1800S into a convertible. The car was sold in 1968. Perhaps this promotion inspired another Volvo dealer to also market a Volvo P1800S in a cabriolet version. That was Volvoville in the American Long Island. The work was carried out by various American companies. It seems that in total around 50 units have been converted.

One of those cars ended up in Belgium a few years ago. Is the property of a certain Dirk van den Zegel. He bought the car in the States as a restoration object and has worked for two years to restore it to new condition. It is a picture!

Aston Martin

What you may also not know is that EdelkoETS manufacturer Aston Martin also hoped for a connection with the Swedish car manufacturer. Aston Martin urgently needed some more revenue in the 1960s. The plan was to deliver their engines to smaller car manufacturers. Their famous six-seater would not be that. Because it was feared that those manufacturers would dismantle the engines to see why such an engine was so good and strong ... That's why they built a four-cylinder engine. With double camshafts and a capacity of 2,5 liters, good for 151 hp on the wheels. The project - with number DP208 - naturally had to be tested. A P1800 from 1961 was used for this. To get the engine in, a lot of modifications had to be made. The "bump" on the hood was the least of them. Only one Volvo P1800 with Aston Martin engine has been built and in total only three Aston Martin DP208 engines. Some ideas cost a lot of success?


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