Volkswagen Bus: a picture from the old box. 

VW Bus

Now take a dreamy look at this VW holiday bus. Imagine this situation, how do you feel? Your imagination connects you to what you want ... What a great thing it would be, to own the Volkswagen icon, a very suitable means of transport for going on holiday ... 

By: Dirk de Jong

And if every wish that you can imagine exists ... (Do you already feel what it's like to have what you want?) It started with the T.1, the famous arrow bus and later the VW bus drove dozens of standard models in really hundreds of models. In fact, Volkswagen controlled the domain of business and family transport. The vans in good condition are no longer so widely available, therefore a constant quest for this nostalgia for enthusiasts. This official press photo evokes very positive feelings ... The possibilities of the VW bus were endless and ... timeless. 

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  1. Was the best time with our VW bus T2 with a Ford V6 2,3 Granada engine in it, with caravan behind it, 4 children, bicycles, motocross racer and surfboard on holiday in Europe.

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