Volkswagen Scirocco CL (1982). The fire of joy for Jetse 

Volkswagen Scirocco CL (1982)

A beautiful story of father and son with a healthy dose of car enthusiasts. In 2015 a Volkswagen Scirocco CL was found and the passion broke through to start a restoration job. It was the right thing to do, nothing could stop them, it felt good and they both let themselves be guided by a fantastic sense of pleasure. If you are enthusiastic, then nothing seems difficult, but it took at least 5 years of hard work to prepare the Volkswagen for a second life.

By: Dirk de Jong

When you see this stylish coupé in its signal red paint now, you have to express your admiration for the restoration work. The seductive coupé will soon surprise fellow road users. And the striking Volkswagen is not only in perfect condition on the outside, but also on the underside. During the restoration, every part was taken care of.


Jetse is now 25 and he wanted to give his Volkswagen Scirocco CL a personal touch, actually a 'make-up' with some Kamei accessories. Kamei used to be strong in the market when it came to special accessories for the VW Beetle and a spoiler kit was also available for this elegant coupé – albeit for the GTX – which also makes this Scirocco CL striking. The 39-year-old Volkswagen also has special rims, it is no problem for Jetse to keep the fire of his passion burning.

The VW Scirocco, a new form of sportiness

We appreciate that Jetse has written an entire report of the restoration. This evokes amazement that borders on admiration. Between the lines of writing down all his work you can actually read that it is more than a report, it is of a much greater significance. You notice enthusiasm, the great importance of a father/son project. The pride of the result and sharing the story. Not the whole report, but we're going to share a few details with you anyway.

Looking for information

The previous owner had owned it for several years, but had no time, no energy and perhaps also not the financial capacity to undertake the major restoration job. The Scirocco 53B CL is the first and most simple version with a 4+ E gearbox, the single windscreen wiper, a divisible parcel shelf and the narrow tailgate spoiler are also special.

Time-consuming job

After disassembly, the sheet metal was made tight and repainted in the original color Marsrot LA3A as it came from the factory. The engine received a complete overhaul. Really all parts were blasted and sprayed, everything looks perfect and completely new.

Relaxing sport

If you read the extensive report, with all the details and work, then the restoration is probably just as much fun as driving it. The versatile Volkswagen Scirocco CL is finished, realigned, everything tuned, the body polished and waxed and ready for a fresh MOT. It's good to see that the new generation is taking over the hobby, and that should happen more in classic land. The commitment of the father/son project gives this VW Scirocco sports coupé back its top shape. Great appreciation is in order.

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  1. Hello Jetse,
    Congratulations on the beautiful restoration.
    Your Scirocco used to be my dad's car. He was second owner. He still has 'The Service Plan' original. If you would like to have these, please let us know.
    Regards, Ralph

    • Hey Ralph, how cool to have a piece of history of the car. I'm definitely interested in that. I wonder how it's all going. How can I contact you?

  2. I have always found the Scirocco to be a beautiful and sporty car, I only blamed VW for a lack of creativity. The first Sciroccos got the dashboard of a Golf and then that of the Passat. For a sporty-lined car and a sturdier price, you can expect a little more effort, even inside. Whoa, whoop, whoop! 🙂

  3. Very nicely done. Only I find the Scirocco more beautiful without all that Kamei frills, just as it was original. But hey, it's a matter of taste and of course they can do what they want with their car.

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