Volkswagen Scirocco GT (1980). A timeless design in Italian styling. 

Volkswagen Scirocco GT (1980)
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Owner Lijzenga: “The people to whom we sell this beautiful Volkswagen Scirocco GT are primarily looking for a car that offers a lot of driving pleasure. Its striking appearance really makes it a classy, ​​classic sports coupe. Moreover, the styling is Italian and the technology is of course German. It was registered for the first time in 1980 and arrived in the Netherlands in 2014 and was restored to new condition. ”

By: Dirk de Jong

This stunningly beautiful Volkswagen Scirocco GT should not be equipped with a telephone, digital music from a box and another screen on the window that shows the way. No, you have to see it as a time machine, get in, drive and experience the feeling of that time gone by. Or is the electronics handy?

In mind

You tend to go back in your mind to the day the owner picked up the car from the VW dealer. The shiny paint, the beautiful upholstery - perhaps the whole family - still gave a feeling of happiness. And after forty years it can repeat itself without any problems. After all, the Volkswagen Scirocco is GT - after restoration - in new condition.


They may have almost disappeared from the streets, but they still play an important role in the lives of many enthusiasts. The attention that the Volkswagen attracts is an extra. The new owner may not do it for that, but it is nice if you are distinctive on the road. It remains a perfect timeless design and a natural beauty. Doesn't this model also bring back memories?

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  1. First make comments about the telephone, digital music from a box and another screen on the window and then see at the 4th photo that a radio / CD player has been mounted. CDs also work digitally and the first radio / CD players did not arrive in the car until 1985. In 1974 there were already radio cassette players (first came sometime in 1970, before that there was already 8-track but that really hit the mark here), so that looks a lot better right away.

  2. Good memories, I had a whole series of Scirocco's 1, there from 1975 to 1981.
    Recently came across the rear shelf of my first Scirocco in the attic, without holes for speakers ...

  3. Just looks beautiful, it is a pity that the license plate in front of it just seems to be cracked, could have been a bit tidier after such a restoration.

  4. I also had one. A 70 hp that suddenly did not want any harder at 170!
    Chunky AllyCat wheels under those yellow ones and go ragging.

    Eventually drove crooked with a too heavy trailer behind it.

    Now 45 years later I am 210 hp further with a Focus ST! (my car is getting faster and I keep slowing)

  5. I also had such a Scirocco 1 from 1980 silver gray drove well, only some rust on the front fenders

  6. Memories will certainly emerge here! I drove exactly such a Scirocco GT in the 80s and today I regret keeping it for 3 years. The Rotterdam Volkswagen dealer was only too happy to exchange the car when I bought my first completely new car, a Golf 2. That was in 1986.

  7. I had one such Scirocco, silver gray. Extraordinary handling! Only problem: rust under the doors.

    What is the odometer reading and what is the price?

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