Volkswagen T1 Bus from 1966. Mark's 'blue cap'. 

Volkswagen T1 Bus from 1966. Mark's 'blue cap'.
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Can you pick up the greatest treasure from a scrap yard for next to nothing? That is long gone! Still, Mark saw the potential to give this VW T1 bus a new lease of life, which he found as a wreck. But we are talking about 40 years ago. The 1 Volkswagen T1966 has experienced the destructive power of nature, because the bottom 30 cm sheet metal was completely rusted away. This unexpected find of the VW T1 bus gave him goosebumps and the happiest heart palpitations. 

By: Dirk de Jong

Together with his VW friend Willem, he worked on the bus countless evenings and weekends. You might have to be a little crazy for it, because the total time from the find to the beautiful image in the photo of the Volkswagen T1 of today lasted with long interruptions no less than… 30 years. Is it a touch of obsession after all? 

Responsible life

Becoming the owner of a classic car is often a desire that has been present for a long time and is slowly taking shape. That was certainly the case with Mark, from an early age he collected everything with the VW sign on the nose. You could almost say that he had a fund for endangered VW car wrecks, some in his yard or in the shed were in reasonable condition, but also those that seemed hopelessly lost. 

Big compliment

Owning his VW T1 Bus is a combination of the search for a bygone era and the love for classic cars. Preference for VW is clear, that it is also an experience of happiness, a great compliment to Mark that he has been able to give this Volkswagen T1 Bus a new life. Only air-cooled VW enthusiasts – with a warm heart – know that the 'blue cap' is a magical bus due to its rarity and beauty.  

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  1. Beautiful bus, if you know what they are worth now, that was a golden opportunity!
    Have had a T2 for years and converted it into a camper with Ford V6 2,3 ltr
    motorbike, with Caravan behind it on holiday and friends of 3 children through
    Europe, the best time of our lives! Unfortunately, the rust “eaten” him
    and said goodbye in 1984!

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