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Our straight legs testify to a low and sporty seat. Robust and confidence-inspiring sounds penetrate the cockpit with a pleasant hum. A mirror image betrays the beautiful lines that embrace the also beautiful passenger compartment. And every second the interior seems to reveal new details to us in a discreet way. We are in the 1800 Volvo 1967 S and it belongs to Johan Stoop.

A famous classic that continues to reveal secrets. It's as if the designers Pietro Frua and Pelle Pettersson did it all. The longer the Volvo is viewed inside and out, the more things appeal to the imagination. From door handle to wing, from rear light to headlight, from instruments to levers, from fuel cap to interior compartment: the Volvo 1800 S surprises. No matter how well you know the car. Everything is thought through and beautifully detailed, without the acclaimed elements of this Volvo imposing themselves uncomfortably and excessively on the admirers. coherent. That is the title that the formidable design, accompanied by poise, lays the most claim.

Harmony in modesty

Because this Volvo is harmonious in all modest tones. Robust engineering goes hand in hand with fine driving capabilities and appealing details. The low seat turns out to be more comfortable than expected and the Volvo is able to keep up with everyday traffic. The B18 B engine (with 2 SU HS 6 carburettors, a sharper camshaft ex works and 103 HP) gives the Volvo a smooth character and has sufficient torque available. In combination with the solid chassis, it gives the Volvo 1800 S especially touring qualities. In addition, the standard Laycock de Normanville “D” overdrive provides a pleasantly comfortable and soothing plus. It enhances the character of the creation of Pietro Frua and Pelle Pettersson even more.

Characteristic details

I experience those impressions from the well-fitting and leather-covered seats. As mentioned, we not only enjoy the driving, but also the distinctive details in this car. The instruments have beautiful chrome, the panels and furniture show a perforated Volvo logo and the control levers (including the lever and the handbrake) show fineness. Volvo understood the art of equipment with this Volvo 1800 S, without going overboard with abundance.

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Example of nuance

That title actually says everything about the Volvo 1800 S and its relatives. Owner Johan Stoop is happy with his car. “I fell for the beautiful shapes. And the car is good too. It is in good condition and technically there is little to do with it, except for an exhaust part to be replaced. This Volvo is cleverly and beautifully designed and enjoys a lot of prestige. I'm happy with it." Speaking of joy, it is ours too. Because we simply loved this example of design art, balance, nuance and robustness. An example too, which has made us realize again why the P1800 and its relatives are so loved in classic circles. Hyllning till designersna!


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  1. A beautiful story from a Volvo fan, And I understand that like no other, When I see a Volvo for sale now, my Volvo heart beats faster. There are beautiful Volvos for sale at the BVA auction, including a beautiful Volvo Amazon.

  2. Nice car, unfortunately the prices (even for a wreck) have become absurdly high in recent years
    Excellent technology, very similar to the Amazon and PV544

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