The Volvo 240 GL Injection. In AMK number 5, the May number

Volvo 240
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The Volvo 240 line is legendary and indestructible. Five years later since mine was sold for export to Africa (with 5 other Volvo 240s), it is still on Google street view. At the tree that has already disappeared.

The Volvo 240, a classic with a very long breath

Volvo stood for quality and stood at the cradle of safety thinking. Volvo buyers and drivers were serious people with respect for the world and technology. The better middle class and middle class, local notables, the doctor, the vet. People like that.

Again the May issue of Auto Motor Klassiek we put the spotlights on a very nice old copy. But hey: Is 27 years old? Not for a Volvo. Of course our photo model, the almost immaculate Volvo 240 GL Injection from 1990 with almost complete maintenance history, is a perfect framework for taking a closer look at Volvo 240 employees.

In the meantime, such a Volvo 240 is emphatically dated. That's okay, it's his charm. And it does not detract from its practical employability. Such a Swedish tank is also a very serious player in current traffic. Certainly if it is a late sprayer such as our 'Volvo for a day'. The car takes its driver and passengers in a quiet, but sure way and with authority to wherever they want to go. This is in contrast to the latest generations of Volvo, who have received a dose of BMW genes from the marketing department to remove customers from that brand. We can conclude that the Volvorijders 2.0 often belong to a clearly less relaxed, rushed species. Kind of a pity. And whether those new Volvo cars will last as long as the Volvo 240s that still have commercial value at mileage of four tonnes?

In the article in AMK number 5 is the entire development process of this generation of Volvo's

Because where it looks to the superficial viewer that all 2.685.171 made Volvo 240s are identical, there is nevertheless a world of nuances and subcutaneous differences. The different versions with the corresponding engines and transmissions, the gasoline engines, the turbo blocks, the diesels. And then there are the differences between the Volvo's that were made and delivered per country according to the wishes of the importers. The implementation such as that of our photo model, for example, was never delivered in the Netherlands, but is now a fully established Belgian asylum seeker.

Also from the US

Volvo 240's originally supplied in the US are now being returned to the old world. And they also have their characteristics. The bumpers are of course different with regard to the American collision requirements, but the model development is also different from the European one. You can also read all those details in the May issue of AMK

As a whole, if you are even superficially interested in the Volvo phenomenon, you will view the Volvo 240 with a completely different perspective. Maybe you will get greedy in a quiet way. And once you are a Volvo 240 owner, you can continue driving until the last drop of oil has been used up.

Then simply have it converted to electric traction.

Because that option is already offered by Marijn Hendriks from van Voltive e-mobility

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