Volvo 242 custom restoration

Volvo 242 custom

There are Volvo enthusiasts who are horrified by this custom version. Yet there are many thumbs up on social media when you see this special Volvo 242 custom.

By: Max the Warrior

Most striking are of course the deep rims and the wide low profile tires. They come from the Renault Vel Satis. And then there is also the state of the Volvo 242 custom. That has something aggressive, something fast. It is low and with the butt slightly raised. 

And the thick bumpers that gave the Volvo a sturdy appearance at the time. It is not immediately noticeable here, but those thick safety bumpers are less intrusive like the original 240. “I did shorten them for a sportier look. I have shortened the supports so that they fall more under the bodywork, ”Laarman explains about his activities. 


And look at this. The roll cage can be seen from a long distance. It's in it for decoration. He fills the void of the backseat taken out. Deep bucket seats have been fitted for the two occupants. The deep-dish handlebar and the Momo gearshift are real eye-catchers. And then there is something special. In the trunk, the aluminum fuel tank is difficult in the middle of the storage space. Not a big message that fits in there.

Not original at purchase

Gerjo Laarman bought this Volvo in the middle of last year, while he was not even looking for a Volvo 242. So it was an impulse purchase. The Volvo was not original. No B21e with a four-speed gearbox that should have been under the hood. At the front of this Volvo 242 custom, however, is a B230 ET engine with a five-speed gearbox, the turbo version that hung in the 740 and blew it forward. 

Still, there was still something to be done to give that block the desired custom look. "There is still a lot of spaghetti, I still have to work with it," says Laarman. And there is even more work on the Swede. A BC coilover so that it will be even lower and almost kisses the ground. He will tackle the rust spot on the tailgate and at the bottom of the doors. And the front wishbones radiate, spray and equipped with PU rubbers. But first touring of course. Because he has the Volvo for that. 

What Do You Think?

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  1. Amazingly beautiful! Had such a 4-door tank between 2008 and 2012 and I always noticed the good balance front / rear and that forced me to stick to a Red Block instead of a heavy GM 350 or something. Beautifully done, especially in the details.

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