Volvo Amazon 122 S. Rally monster from Albert van den Berg

Volvo Amazon 122 S.

For Albert, the 67'er Volvo gives a lot of fun. He is a member of a veterans club and social contacts are important to him. His Volvo Amazon 122 S no longer competes for the beauty trophy. For example, he applied the color himself with a roller, put the bumpers in the chrome paint and also applied a roll bar for safety. 

By: Dirk de Jong

So it is clearly not about brushing. But for tinkering and of course driving rallies and pleasure rides. What is an important part of his car hobby is the search for parts. Set up an archive for documentation about his Volvo Amazon 122 S and of course visiting events where transport from the past plays a major role.

Not perfect

Although his Volvo Amazon is not in perfect condition, it still attracts a lot of attention. Albert sees that as an extra. He says, "You don't do it for that, but it is fun." But how do you get into rallies? He gets an incomprehensible look in our eyes when we ask him this question and says: “My motive is to experience the feeling of enthusiasm for this sport. And you can't put into words your true feelings about keeping a sporty classic. ” 

As a retiree he realizes that the driver wears out faster than the Volvo. You need muscle to park and drive the car. The rallies then become more and more a memory. Albert van den Berg now plans to pass on his passion to others, but does not remain in the background. He remains loyal to his faithful - more than 50 years old - companion, every ride is for him: Riding with a smile. 

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