Volvo Amazon in 1: Whitebox 43: reasonable price, worth it

Volvo Amazon
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Model car manufacturer Whitebox has been supplying a number of attractive miniatures in the 1: 43 scale for some time. Among the wide range of smaller car brands are some beautiful Volvo cars, which are very worthwhile for adepts and collectors. We highlight one of the scale models of the Swedish brand: the 220, the station version of the Amazon. Despite some imperfections, it is an asset to the display case.

The Volvo Amazon is a fixed value in the classic world and a synonym for solid car construction. The 1962 saw the light of day in 220, the station version of the Amazon. He was a welcome answer for those looking for a solidly built car with its own character and practical user-friendliness. From the elegant basic design, Volvo constructed an elegant package donkey that remained clearly recognizable as Volvo Amazon.

Fine scale model

A while ago the Volvo 220 offered enough reason for Whitebox to unpack with a fine scale model in the color light blue. The manufacturer developed a well-kept miniature. The proportions are fine and the details - certainly on the outside - are good for each other in a number of respects, including the lines on the rear roof and the high-positioned door handles. The white-edged tires are also available. The interior, on the other hand, is constructed somewhat coarser, and that also applies to things like the handle on the back and the fuel cap.

1964 model on 1962 plateau

Furthermore, Whitebox - on the supplied platform - announces the 43 time-reduced original as Volvo 220 Amazon from 1962. Assuming that the year of construction 1962 was also the model for the Whitebox version, we also discover a few things that are not completely synchronous. For example, the Whitebox model has rims with cooling holes. They only became current on the Volvo Amazon models from 1964. The type designation on the front fenders - under the chrome strip - is also not in accordance with the specifications of 1962.

Worth the effort

It should not spoil the fun. In fact: the model is really worth it. The lines are correct on many levels and in addition, the scale model is also well constructed and literally places weight on the scale. The Whitebox model from Volvo is readily available at specialist dealers and through digital providers. Expect a price of € 20 to € 30 for this Volvo Amazon model, which is a great addition to any miniature car collection.

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