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If there is one event that makes the hearts of Volvo enthusiasts beat faster, it is the annual Volvo Classic Fair. This year, for the 31st time, the event will take place in the Autotron in Rosmalen on September 23 and 24. “A packed fair with many things to discover and see,” says organizer VKB Team in their press release. And they are making it extra exciting this year with the theme “Race and Rally.”

The allure of the Race and Rally theme

“Race and Rally” is more than a theme; it is a vital layer of Volvo's rich history. From competing in classic rallies to fast circuits, Volvo has always had a strong presence in motorsport. “Think of Rally cars, old photos and images,” promises the VKB Team. The event will be a true treasure trove for collectors, avid racers and vintage car enthusiasts.

Something for everyone

Besides the racers and rally cars, there is much more to discover. “There is also plenty of (technical) information available at the fair,” says the VKB Team. Various associations and registries are present to provide you with “all your necessary information.”

Family friendly and accessible

The organization has also thought of the youngest Volvo enthusiasts. Children's and youth activities are planned, making the event a fun day out for the whole family. The entrance fee is €15,00, but children up to 12 years old can enter for free. And there is good news for members of the Volvo Classic Association: they receive a €3 discount on their entrance ticket.

A feast for the senses and the soul

According to the VKB Team, this event is a place where “of course many fellow Volvo enthusiasts from home and abroad” come together. And that is perhaps the greatest charm of the fair. In addition to admiring beautiful cars and gaining technical knowledge, it is also an event where like-minded souls meet and share stories, tips and passions.

Are you coming too?

The fair is open on Saturday from 10:00 AM to 17:00 PM and on Sunday from 10:00 AM to 16:00 PM. “We hope to see you all at the Volvo Classic Fair on September 23 & 24, 2023!” the VKB Team concludes their press release.

For more information, visit the official website:

The inspired organization behind the event

When you drive into the parking lot of the Autotron in Rosmalen on September 23 and 24, you will immediately be captivated by the atmosphere of shared passion for Volvo. But behind this annual rendezvous of Volvo enthusiasts lies an association with a rich history. The Volvo Classic Association, active since 1970, is much more than a club; it is an institution that safeguards Volvo's heritage with heart and soul.

A community, not just a club

The association has more than 4000 members and distinguishes itself by its focus on both the technical and social aspects of Volvo ownership. It is a place where people come together to tinker with their beloved vintage cars, talk about the latest developments in the car world, or simply enjoy a joint drive through the Dutch landscape. All this is made possible by the various activities that the association organizes.

Membership as a journey

As a member of the Volvo Classic Association, an exciting journey full of discoveries begins. Consider the 'key days', where members can tackle their mechanical problems with the help of experienced tinkerers. It is a kind of informal university, but one where the lectures are replaced by the smell of motor oil and the sound of roaring engines. And it's not just technology that matters; the association also organizes regular tours, allowing you to see the country like you've never seen it before – through the windscreen of a Volvo.

The VKB Team, a core group within the Volvo Classic Association, is responsible for the organization of the annual Classic Fair. With this fair they create a physical space where the digital discussions, held on the association's dynamic forum, come to life. And for those who miss the fair, don't worry; the full-color Volvo Classic Magazine keeps you informed of all the beautiful things you have missed. More information about the association can be found at

Volvo classic fair
The key days are always very educational
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  1. The Volvo Club is the largest club in the country and surrounding areas, excellent organization and very professional. Also an excellent forum where a lot of technical help is shared.
    I'll definitely take a look this weekend.

  2. For me, “The Volvo Club” is the most pleasant association that I am a member of. All members I have encountered enjoy their hobby and there is a friendly atmosphere. Snobbism (normally present to some extent in car clubs and affiliates) is not to be found in this association. The mix of a nice magazine and good (regional and national) events is great. And there is even an active youth department! Unfortunately I can't come to Rosmalen this year due to a clash with a family weekend and I'm quite disappointed about that.

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