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The statement: Driving with the old technology is precisely the charm of the classic hobby. A statement with which Ebele Visser does not agree at all. His mission: Look as original as possible, but only with modern technology. His reliving is therefore purely because of the model. The technique is a creative project, a very own idea, a personal form of expression. You could also say: A creative activity. Like his 1959 Volvo Duett. 

The work 

With a fascinating and glowing speech, we let him speak for himself: “The project has now taken 7 years, and it is still not completed. The body of the car was first sandblasted, after which the welding and tinning was done. Then the car was thermally sprayed (or called galvanizing) and epoxy applied. The final color was later provided with an extra clear coat. 

The engine 

No. The car was no longer equipped with the standard engine, but was replaced by a B 19 E with a polished valve cover, fitted with a two-stage Weber carburettor. The drive enters through an automatic gearbox with overdrive. 


A vacuum tank was installed under the car, including an air connection in the luggage compartment. The front has power-assisted disc brakes, adjustable shock absorbers and a polished grill, a stainless steel exhaust and Trico windscreen wipers. ” 

A very own idea 

Everything was performed to his own taste, all the time and pleasure that Ebele puts into it gives him extra creative energy. It is difficult to describe what has happened to the Volvo Duett. In any case, he had to look for many solutions and special parts for his ideas. This resulted in an interior in its own style. Everything covered with leather up to the inside of the doors. The beautiful seats came from an Audi TT, which were also provided with new leather. His enthusiasm goes so far that he would like to tell his Volvo story to other enthusiasts and also give them advice. 

Ebel Fisher 

It is true that there have been pictures of this before Volvo Duett on the AMK website have appeared, but the successful search for the owner only now gives the real story behind this 61-year-old Swede. It is clear that Ebele is a man with golden hands. His Volvo friends think his fingers now look like spanners. As proof of this, a nice cartoon was made for him. For Ebele, it is about having a hobby in which he finds satisfaction and can give it full attention. We can appreciate his creative activity. It doesn't always have to be original to enjoy a classic. 

But please let us know your thoughts ...

Volvo Duett (1959)Volvo Duett (1959)


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  1. It doesn't always have to be original to enjoy a classic: I totally agree but this color combination isn't really my thing - thought 445s
    (according to me they were no longer there in '59 either) but also 210s and 544s there were then, unlike the Amazon, only in 1 color anyway - and that “modern technology” from more than 40 years ago - a B19E engine without injection but with a 2-speed Weber carburettor and an old-fashioned 4-speed AW71 automatic transmission with torque converter / hmmm ?? I would have used something more modern (eg a 5-cylinder turbo engine with fuel (LPG) injection) as a powertrain.

  2. Wout van Galen, I have a P 210 from 1961 and I drive on gas, I drive it practically every day and
    very happy with the car.The original 1600 cc engine has been replaced by an 1800 cc. I have some accessories on the car, namely LED lighting rondorm, LPG installation, and wash for the wipers and a towbar. I am looking forward to next year because then it is his birthday and he will count 60 years. I hope to enjoy it for a long time to come to have my loyal friend.

  3. This car does have a look, my uncle had one who was a milkman
    later he bought a VolVo 122 S a red very nice car and bought one
    Volkswagen T1 delivery van

  4. Converting my 1 Golf 1982 Convertible to “Electric” would be my project. VW seems to deliver a complete package for the Beetle. Haven't heard anything from Golf 1 yet.

  5. Of course there is nothing wrong with a perfect restoration using only original parts. But how many unfinished oldtimers are not standing still somewhere in a corner because only parts are difficult to find. For me there is nothing worse than an old-timer that is standing still and not being used, that's a shame. Let's not forget that the primary goal of any designer or engineer of any car is to drive their creation. Here the owner has, as it were, started his restoration project in the minds of the original engineers. He has added his own vision and has traveled back and forth in a time machine, as it were. I think it is beautiful. We need to see this more.

  6. personally I prefer them original, but if anyone thinks otherwise; great i can enjoy it.
    And if all of that is done by someone with oil in his veins: Great

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