Volvo Duett (1966) by Harry. A leisure classic

Volvo Duett (1966) - Vintage cars in Auto Motor Klassiek -

Harry owns three classic driving machines from Sweden. His workhorse is a classic Volvo Pickup that is used daily within his company for maintenance of Swedish boats and especially painting and boat repairs. As an independent entrepreneur, and especially Volvo enthusiast, he is also involved in the purchase and sale of Swedish boats under the company name Svenskip Fryslân. This time, however, it is about his Swedish beauty, a Volvo Duett.

Volvo for life

The Volvo Duett was registered in the Netherlands in 1997 and came into his possession recently. When he saw the car offered on the internet, he could not resist the lure of this shiny, super beautiful Volvo. Volvo has a rich history and fortunately many of them have been preserved. The love for his favorite brand is also reflected in his shed, where, in addition to his 'work car', a Volvo Amazon is also on display. 


People who are upside down for a certain classic car want to talk about it. Harry: “I was told about the Volvo Duett that it was a Swedish railway company car and found in a village above Stockholm. According to experts, the car is 100 percent original, but the car has of course been fully restored over time and has had the necessary owners as the over 50s." 

Popular family car

“It was a popular family car in the 60s and, in addition to the station wagon with windows, it was also supplied in a closed version. Nobody will deny that the Volvo now has a legendary status. Driving in the Volvo Duett is for me now mainly 'slow down'. I think it's a picture of a car. Take a look at the newly taken photos… how beautiful is classic driving? It is and remains a source of pleasure.” We can relate to those last words of Harry. You not?

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