Volvo Laplander (1969). Tough freebooter. 

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“The hunt for a green Laplander” was successfully completed last year when Peter found this special Volvo Laplander Valp L 3314. The search for an idiosyncratic type, a powerful off-road vehicle, came to a crew car built for the Swedish army that is more than 50 years old. 

By: Dirk de Jong

Of course not a car for good citizens. But for tough freebooters, who feel at home on difficult terrain with deep potholes in the sand and especially on muddy paths. Although this Volvo also stands its ground on more solid ground.

Military uniform 

The Volvo Laplander is a model that you will not easily find in the Netherlands. In his working life he wore a military Swedish outfit. The green camouflage has been retained. In the rough terrain, it is just a tough car, high on the big tires, with an impressive profile, and of course a robust and strong appearance. 

The warm feeling 

The feeling of owning such an exclusive means of transport is difficult to put into words. According to owners Peter and Ellen, it is a way to experience the passion. (With a dash of obsession, please.) Driving this Volvo gives it a certain charm and it is - as most enthusiasts agree - a particularly tempting means of transport. 

Sense of style 

Peter has a sense of style when it comes to classics. His collection includes various classics. All cars that have once been someone's pride. And that the feeling of pride is still caused by possession. 

Four special classics

There is one like that Citroën HY from 1957, built as a funeral car, but later equipped with benches for use as a school bus. There is also one in original unrestored Citroën AZL from 957. With an automatic clutch for first gear forward and reverse. And a Citroën Traction from 1953, also 100 percent original. It smells wonderfully musty, but also of the original scent. 

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