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Joost had to endure his crush for 20 years before this Volvo P 1800 came into the picture. His active driver's heart came to rest with the purchase of this stylish and now very striking classic. He came to the Netherlands from England (right hand drive) in 2009. 

By: Dirk de Jong 

Joost: “My quests started in America, where I worked for five years. I found many but the quality was too bad to give it a new life in the Netherlands. I did run into a beautiful 1959 MGA that I took with me when I returned to the Netherlands. ” 

Golden years

The golden years are for Joost the 50s in which he stuck in a bit in terms of lifestyle. He likes to look in the mirror of the 'past', the feeling of the 50s / 60s is of course enhanced when there is a Volvo P 1800 in the driveway where the The Stones can be heard from the car radio. In addition to his 1959 MGA, his nostalgia also focuses on a Peugeot 404 from 1964, a formidable French 'voiture' from automotive history. To help shape his own history and memories, he is active as a photographer to capture classics along the way and share this with others via the digital way. 

New sports car from Volvo 

Production of the new P 1800 sports car started at the sports car manufacturer Jensen Motor Ltd in England. The 1800 models were equipped with a sports version of Volvo's standard engines and the first model was equipped with a B18 engine with 100 HP. The first 6000 copies were made in England, but in 1963 production was already transferred to Sweden, after which the type 1800 S was named. 

In love 

For Joost, the Volvo 1800 combines grace and flexibility with power. A much sought after classic with its own character is 'chic' transport. You already understand that we are not going to conduct a 'satisfaction test' from Joost. His three steel children all from the sixties give him intense satisfaction and satisfaction.

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Volvo P 1800 Coupe (1964)

Volvo P 1800 Coupe (1964)

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    • I know what you mean, but it's a MotoLita steering wheel, Mini lights are deck-famous alloy wheels that performed beautifully on a Mini (10 inch slide)

  1. A beautiful car with a great design and with good maintainable technology.
    Unfortunately, the prices of this beauty have also skyrocketed in recent years.

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