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This Golf GTI of the first generation is already a museum piece. Will there be more compromise when the 40 year is introduced?
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On December 16, the Senate will shed its light on the 40 year compromise. Although the House of Representatives on 19 last November approved by majority the amended exemption rules for old-timers, that arrangement is still not official. The Senate - which among other things tests laws and plans with regard to quality - still has to approve this. Team tries to prevent this - on behalf of many old-timer enthusiasts and owners. People still make an excessive effort - they again visited the Senate and in the meantime called on the supporters to keep their peace.

This Golf GTI of the first generation is already a museum piece. Will there be more compromise when the 40 year is introduced?
This Golf GTI of the first generation is already a museum piece. Will there be more compromise when the 40 year is introduced?

Documentation set handed to the Senate
On December 3, Wouter van Embden, Arjan Lenoir and Hans Horwitz paid a visit to the Senate. There they handed over the documentation set to all members of the Senate. This set consists of an open letter to the Senate and the thoroughly prepared file that published on the basis of its findings. These were the result of in-depth research. A selection of 75 personal letters from classic car owners was also part of the package that was handed over.

Open letter
In the open letter, Van Embden and his team ask for the proposed change to be postponed. You are probably aware of the reason for this: it gives everyone involved extra time to objectively re-examine the measure. The most important pillars in that investigation are the (financial) feasibility, usefulness, necessity and legitimacy of the measure. The environmental effects should then also be re-examined.

Argumentation on screen again
The request from is justified. Wouter van Embden's club endorsed that in her document to the Senate. In the open letter, the Vrijstellingoldtimer team expressly questions, among other things, the frequency of measures taken with regard to the old-timer owner (an adverse change three times in four years) and the much too high tax revenues estimated by State Secretary Weekers and his followers. The added value of the new measure is also seriously questioned, since the Van Vliet Amendment has long proven its usefulness with regard to declining imports and the environment. The fact that the current scheme would only be evaluated in 2015 is also discussed.

No protest actions
Because the Senate is still considering the proposed measures, calls on all parties involved not to take any action or to demonstrate until 13 December. On that day the report of the Finance Committee will be made public and the supporters of will be informed by means of a newsletter. On 16 and 17 December, the 2014 Tax Plan will then be discussed in the Senate.

Striking video
The old-timer owner can therefore still hope to postpone the new scheme. A postponement, which should ultimately lead to a cancellation of the measure that only costs money to the cabinet and the old-timer owner. And which - without it already being in force - causes a blow to specialists and associated employment. A statement that, among other things, old-timer owner Marion Elders in her letter to the Upper House - as can be seen on this page in the short film that is posted below - was aptly worded.

Watch the video of Wouter van Embden about the open letter offered here.

Watch the video in which Hans Horwitz reads the letter from Marion Elders.




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