Oldtimer exemption from serious doubts about the role of the Senate

The hour you are approaching in the vintage car file. As you undoubtedly know, the treatment of the 2014 Tax Plan - containing the eleven-page old-timer section - takes place in the Senate. Up to now, this political body has proved to be a good breeding ground for positive expectations, because the Senate primarily tests the quality of proposed measures. The latest developments in the Senate are now causing even the greatest race optimists to doubt the chances of maintaining the current exemption rules for old-timers. Because there now seems to be a majority for approval of the so debatable Tax Plan.

Also majority in Senate

In a press statement from serious doubts about the functioning of the Senate. Due to the amendment of the coalition agreement, the political parties D66, SGP and CU have joined the government coalition. As a result, this coalition now also has a majority in the Senate for the approval of the 2014 Tax Plan. smaller or even almost “without chance”. That is a sour conclusion. Every member of parliament with whom Team Vrijstellingoldtimer spoke fully agreed with the statements and findings of Wouter van Embden cum suis.


The task awareness of the Senate is under serious pressure. The tax-free status of this Cadillac Coupe de Ville also.
The task awareness of the Senate is under serious pressure. The tax-free status of this Cadillac Coupe de Ville also.

Well-founded fear and question marks's fears are based on previous experiences in the House of Representatives. “At that time, the members of the VVD and PvdA coalition parties, from their majority position, were totally unresponsive to the fundamental objections with which we try to approach parliamentarians. Now the same threatens to happen in the Senate. ” The Exemption Oldtimer Team therefore now strongly wonders what the specific task of the Senate is, when it is influenced from within by lobbying politics. People also expressly question the fact that citizens can turn to fewer and fewer places in case of incorrectly drawn up plans for legislative changes. Team Vrijstellingoldtimer repeatedly points to the fact that citizens have to watch helplessly how a measure that is harmful to government, industry and citizens is unjustly implemented.

Dramatic consequences

As has often been stated in these columns, there are much larger losses against the - unsubstantiated and globally estimated - tax revenues of the intended 40-year compromise. That message did not land in the House of Representatives, but now there are also signals that the Senate simply approves the rattling compromise on all sides. “And that is incomprehensible. We have shown that there is no use and need for the measure. Furthermore, it has really dramatic consequences for the classic car owners, who also react very emotionally in certain cases or in letters in which they seamlessly highlight the consequences ”, says Team Vrijstellingoldtimer. In practice, the first damage is regularly experienced. Loss of value, shrinking personnel numbers of specialists in the sector and suspensions - while the 2014 Tax Plan has not even been officially ratified yet - all occur regularly.


The large old-timer supporters - a large number of whom are united within the Facebook group Old-timer enthusiasts - must now await the skirmishes in the Senate for a little more than a week. If the Senate approves the 2014 Tax Plan there will never again be any credibility. Because in that case the Senate has a license not to have to do its work: Utility, necessity, feasibility and consequences of legislative changes then no longer need to be tested. And that - not only for the old-timer owner but for all Dutch residents - fears the worst for the future.



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  1. hello they just destroy you, my husband is an invalid who has to walk to the car with a stretch, the car is the only thing he has to be outside from time to time, because he cannot walk because of a mistake from the hospital , herman.

  2. and also consider: if, for example, as a relatively clean LPG car, for example, you were to cough up 1700, - per year, of which asset value you will be robbed by the government: set the savings interest at 1,9%: then the asset value is the opposite of that annual rooftax state 100 / 1,9 x 1700 = euro 89.500; in other words: the government deprives you of the usufruct of such an asset or of your purchasing power otherwise (why purchasing power picture ??). However you look at it, in that case the government will immediately rob you for a value of almost 90 thousand euros. In fact, they expropriate you of a substantial piece of income potential (which is then immediately spent on, for example, an unfortunate subsidy such as "democratization process in Bashi visiting state", etc.). what have you done to be so financially punished? which "representative of the people" has said yes to this in his or her "full" mind (unfortunately very scarce among parliamentarians) ????

  3. Why are there only 200 cars on Monday? That is less than a percent of all victims! Come on guests instead of chattering and whining, sign up and close the lines, take part in next Monday's classic car test

  4. 55 minutes ago · Like · 3

    Jurgen Pesch Apparently the 'pick them law' applies to the general population ...
    38 minutes ago via mobile · I don't like it anymore · 3

  5. this is a very nice and clear piece, it describes exactly what is happening in the Netherlands in the field of old-timers, not to mention the rest of the foreign tax measures, they shout loudly in the courtyard, crisis is over and now we are going to tackle you, so that every sector where there is still something to be gained will be given a turn, whether it delivers something or not ... ... outrageous ... that the cabinet can still do its thing, everything in the interest of brussels and the possible future jobs of the MPs who have lost their credibility here in the Netherlands and will never be re-elected !!

  6. not to mention the utter unlawfulness of the tax plan, both towards vintage cars and towards lessors; but in politics reason is lost and mutual administrative blackmail is rampant; then the legal route via tax judge to european court

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