VW 1600 Fastback from 1972 in the family for 35 years. 

VW 1600 Fastback from 1972
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If you regularly browse around, you will sometimes find a beautiful classic among all the modern tin, such as this air-cooled Volkswagen 1600 fastback from the 70s. Because it had been standing in the same place at a garage for several weeks, interest was aroused once to ask about the background of this classic VW. 

By: Dirk de Jong 

Contact was made with the owner, who was only able to say that the car had been purchased in 1985 - just as an old car. The son of the house was more charmed by a VW Golf, so that the car was simply put away after some cosmetic adjustments. We often think that owners of special classics propagate their passion, but that it can also show that everyone experiences it in their own way. They preferred not to mention names, but they did give the opportunity to take pictures and then publish them for real enthusiasts. Also because the car is currently being used - occasionally - and is therefore visible again in today's traffic. 

Pure passion

We would like to put our passion into 'words' to describe this Volkswagen 1600 fastback. It is a practical and efficient car that is still beautiful to look at. There is plenty of space under the continuous roof. The storage space in the back is generous, where of course the well-known solid VW engine also takes its place. Actually, this VW Fastback has two luggage compartments, there is also enough space in the front, so an extra advantage. 

VW enthusiasts 

The air-cooled Volkswagens are still popular, and in its time this 1500/1600 series was an important car for the concern. With this beautiful VW 1600 fastback you can clearly see that a face lift has been carried out. The profiled bumpers and the larger rear lights give a completely different look than the previous model. The 'stem' not only became longer but also steeper, the VW emblem was now more clearly on the nose. In this way, the family has made a small contribution to the present and VW past and we can be satisfied with that.


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  1. I have just the same, also the color. Completely restored in 2017 and a pleasure to drive. Tastes differ, luckily or we all drove the same and were behind the same VR…. 😉

  2. Orange sometimes appears as a paint color on new cars. In 2012 we wanted to sell our Corolla Verso. A Honda Jazz (more economical, tighter on the outside but not much less spacious on the inside) should work for a family with three children, so we are looking for a nice, but also very well-dressed one. The best in terms of specifications was an… orange. Going to look at it, drove it, everything fit in well, I liked it! But that color? We had to get used to that. Handy in parking lots, recognizable between all that 50 shades of gray. On the way back home, we already talked about “the mandarin on wheels”. If he already gets a pet name, then we'll take him. Coincidentally, it turned out that exactly that orange color had also been delivered on NSXs and S2000s. Had also only a few 100 kilometers on the clock, while he was already 2 years old, had driven around Belgium as a demo copy. After about three years we got the chance to buy a really new car, another Jazz but then the newer model. Not a pretty orange color and it turned into a blue one. Surprisingly enough, the dealer wanted to exchange the orange Jazz because of the NSX / S2000 link. And the nice thing is: soon after trade-in he found a new owner. The children still miss that “Mandarin”, which had a panoramic roof. And frankly, I do too.

  3. Was with our company car. When following the tram rails on Plein 1813 in The Hague, I suddenly made a 360 degree slip. What a cunning car. But absolutely beautiful.

  4. Splendor color.
    I have a 1977 Puch Grand Prix in the same Candy Orange color.
    At the Puchjes they are often repainted in black (hip in the '80s) or special paint.
    And you see these kinds of colors less and less with cars.
    I will not say that everything used to be better, certainly not.
    But people still dared to put a color on a car.

  5. @ Bos TJM; Great 70's color! Owned an orange Corolla at the time. Take a look around you on the road, nowadays only black white and gray cars with a few dark blue ones. Bah, how boring. My VW T1 is orange-white and my '77 Celica turns original yellow again after restoration. Cheerfulness in the garage!

  6. My deceased brother seems to be reading this magazine from heaven and you are really on it with this car. He drove the same but in broken white. Completely the Beetle atmosphere inside, nice chugging. With a nice rectangular trunk space above the rear engine. He drove there - shortly after his serious accident with the Yamaha Electric 650cc. I still think that bike is a very beautiful bike today. After the VW he drove the very successful Mazda 1600 A Capella with round lights. Jean-Pierre had very good taste. I'm his brother 11 years younger. You're fine boy, up there! I remember someone in our area suddenly had a flat moto tire. He didn't know the guy but helped him without asking. That is the true motospirit.

  7. Always nice, I have a Porsche Targa from 1972 and at a traffic police check with intern boys the instructor said; you look at the engine on which he stood at the front and I almost loosened the valve. I still think about that boy's face.

    • 🙂 Rust did then all cars. I remember a Renault 8 that I had at the time (well before the MOT), of which I tied the rear doors together with a rope to prevent sagging… I would like to have a Renault 8 again (nostalgia), but on not one can be found. Also no Renault 10 (I have had that too). All rusted away

      • In 1972 I had a flat tire with my R4 in Belgium. Move to the side, pot jack underneath, and start jacking. The wide part of the pot fit right under the car, so I thought the stamp wouldn't lift and the jack valve was still open. Until I looked up and saw that I had jacked up the back seat right through the rotten floor 🙂

      • I read in a German magazine that of the 1.050.000 Renault14 sold in Germany, exactly 2 copies are still on registration. So it could be worse.

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