VW Golf GTI (1980) by Leen Bosgraaf: "Gleaming the best"

VW Golf GTI (1980)
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The Volkswagen Golf has long established itself in the annals of automotive history. When the VW Golf GTI appeared, a new chapter was added: A Volkswagen with sports car performance! Leen praises the power source in the front, which is unparalleled in terms of temperament and sportiness. 

By: Dirk de Jong 

Leen Bosgraaf is in charge of three car cleaning centers in Dokkum, Drachten and Leeuwarden. He lives up to his slogan 'Glansrijk the best' every day by putting the cars on the road as new after the treatment - and minor damage repairs -. He himself says: "The car must shine like the golden carriage again, you must be able to mirror yourself in it." Because of the driving pleasure he experiences with his 40-year-old, he rightly calls the VW Golf GTI: Glansrijk the best. 

Wolf in sheep's clothes

Leen: “The VW Golf GTI also impresses me with its beautiful interior and excellent technology. The tingling in your fingers to make a tour is unfortunately not possible in the 100/130 km regulation of recent times, a ride on the circuit is fortunately the solution. Take a look at the interior. You probably already noticed the sports seats, the beautiful wooden sports steering wheel and the white clocks together make it a lot of comfort, space and driving pleasure. ” 

Does it always have to be original? 

Why does Leen give his own personal touch to the car? The special rims are a fine example of this, as are the chrome bumpers of the type 1 Golf. In conversations he sometimes has to compete with the people who can only appreciate it if the car is 100 percent original. He always answers with kindness: “I cherish the time when the cars still had their own look, like this Golf. And the fact that I have adapted it myself to my wishes guarantees many positive reactions and that is important to me. Practice also shows that I can still transfer my enthusiasm to others. ”

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  1. Beautiful GTI .... too bad it is messed up with all kinds of non-original parts .... that a beautiful original GTI doesn't need at all, does it?
    It also costs a lot of money and it lowers the value of the car….think again!!!

  2. Good morning 12/04/2021.
    I welcome giving an old Golf GTI another chance
    in his old age!
    Often these Golf Mk one and two have long since been demolished
    an often hard death as "Boy Racer".
    If these waves have been restored to their original state, it is possible
    jewelry on the road again ..
    I wish you a lot of suk6!

  3. Beautiful!
    If you no longer dare to hit the road with the GTI after all the 'slightly' negative reactions, you can bring it 🙂

    Greetings Kees

    • Dear Kees,
      As described, I made it to my own liking and according to the reactions I sometimes get a searched car and that's right. I started working with it 18 years ago and made it to my own liking. Thank you for your comment I will continue to enjoy driving 🙃

  4. A nice car Leen,
    But you cherish the face that the GTI of that time had !?
    That own face from then is now hard to find, right?
    It doesn't have to be 100% original, for example, those bumpers are from an older VW Golf, but …… what's wrong with the original colors of the GTI ??
    And rims, headlights, taillights, dashboard, seats, fender extensions and that wooden steering wheel, that can certainly not appeal? Possibly in an Alfa …… ..


  5. It is a pity that there are few really original left, most of them are contaminated with hoops of rims, vr6 engines lowering sets from which your fillings bounce off, interiors where almost nothing is original anymore.
    What's wrong with those pretty tit counter clocks, the golf ball on the poker, the Scottish plaid on the seats.

  6. It is not original idd and I myself will definitely go for more originality. Preferably a completely original-looking Wave 1100 in which, completely disguised, gigantic driving characteristics are created.
    But this creation, too, can somehow get a thumbs up from me
    The love with which it is composed, nevertheless shows the love for this Golf in beautiful blue.
    I myself used to drive a 1978 Golf 1,5D that looked pretty original in appearance. However, the performance was boosted so that he could compete with the 75hp petrol version.
    The braking was taken to an incredibly high level by other brakes. He braked so frantically hard, so the members of the local GTI club came to copy the art from me. Braking was serious in the belts. The addition of the front and rear stabilizers and a chassis made from a combination of Zender with Koni, with not too flashy lowering, made the white dangler really go through the bends immensely hard. But you had to look very closely if you wanted to notice anything.
    Everyone has their own style. This also applies to the carefully constructed blue GTI. Although not original, my compliments!

  7. Unfortunately,
    This is completely wrong
    Bumpers from before 79
    Dashboard from 1981
    Taillights from 1981

    Where are the GTI accents on the outside?

    I am far from enthusiastic

    • And terribly ugly and oversized aftermarket wheels that don't seem to fit in the wheel arches.
      With original wheels and the right details, the whole would be a lot more attractive, but yes, tastes differ.
      Furthermore, it looks very neat.

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