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VW Golf I Convertible

VW Golf I Convertible
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It is May 1994. Exactly 20 years after the introduction of the Golf I, a brand new VW Golf I Convertible will be delivered in beautiful Inka blue just before the summer in Leiderdorp. The Golf II (never made as a convertible) is then no longer available for 3 years. His successor, the Golf III Cabriolet, has been on sale for a long time. The first owner managed to get his hands on one last Golf I. With everything on and off. According to the new invoice from 40.000, - guilder, she exchanged her Suzuki Samurai. A lady with taste.

Strawberry basket

It is significant that a car brand looks at its model year in, year out and thinks: great! still do nothing about it. 20 year long! The cabriolet was built by bodybuilder Karmann with Volkswagen only bringing the interior and technology. After years, only the bumpers and the wheel arch wideners were part of external modernization. The Golf Cabrio is always delivered with the small pre 1980 rear lights. The fixed roll bar and the compact, angular design of the car gave it the nickname "strawberry basket".


Although the development of this car dates from the early 70, you immediately notice what a masterpiece was delivered at the time. The car feels 45 solid year after date and has excellent road holding. This copy is equipped with power steering. A noisy buzzing but oh so nice option. We just turn down windows, but the roof is automatic. The clips are loose and in less than a minute, this Wave takes off his cap and puts it into his inside pocket routinely. The 1.8 engine is in perfect harmony with the car. No power too much or too little and switching is addictively pleasant.


Inside, no effort has been made to shape the case there. The buttons are all ugly and unwieldy, but functional. The dashboard is a box of blocks, but everything is in a logical and pleasant place. Something that was not popular at all in the 70s and 80s. At that time, one brand came up with an even more spectacular dashboard than another. Often heavily at the expense of logic or ergonomics. No radio on the floor here, no window controls on the ceiling and no hidden door handles. Everything is where it belongs. Only the luggage compartment can be confused with the glove box. This confusion is understandable in terms of space and access by means of a small flap. A crate of beer is impossible to get in without swearing.

Salad spinner

This Volkswagen Golf I Cabriolet has not driven an 23 kilometer in 138.000 for years, and the car can be seen. There are some minor signs of use, but especially the good care of Mrs. and the quality of this car makes the Golf look very fresh and youthful. Just by seeing the key, a nostalgic feeling emerges. The round black key with steel VW logo is engraved in our collective memory as a Bakelite telephone, a View-Master or the orange salad spinner.

Our Golf also stood out internationally. read right here what Bring a Trailer wrote.

1974 - 1983 Golf I
1979 - 1993 Golf I Convertible
1983 - 1992 Golf II
1992 - 1997 Golf III
1993 - 2000 Golf III Convertible


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  1. I still have 1 in the garage, the golf 1 convertible. Year of construction 1979. 1 from the first. Chassis number ends with 810. So the construction number is 810. I save it and cherish this car. Have had it since 1995.

  2. Beautiful cart .. I had 3 pieces of it !! But you can clearly see that it is a new hood, the original blue hood was much duller in color.
    The rims are white in color, so come from a white golf convertible.
    The blue ones had blue rims, the red wave had red rims.

    But it remains a handsome convertible.

  3. It looks like a very beautiful and especially unabashed convertible (often they are lowered with wheels that are much too wide, stovepipe exhaust, etc.).
    Chic color. Nice, evokes nostalgic feelings 🙂

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