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It is May 1994. Exactly 20 years after the introduction of the Golf I, a brand new VW Golf I Cabriolet is delivered in beautiful Inka blue just before the summer in Leiderdorp. The Golf II (never made as a convertible) will then no longer be available for 3 years. Its successor, the Golf III Cabriolet, has been on the market for a long time. The first owner managed to get her hands on a very last Golfje I. With everything, up and down. According to the new bill of 40.000 guilders, she exchanged her Suzuki Samurai. A lady with taste.

Strawberry basket

It is significant that a car brand looks at its model year after year and thinks: “great! Still don't do anything about it." For 20 years! The convertible was built by coachbuilder Karmann, with Volkswagen only bringing the interior and technology. Only the bumpers and wheel arch extensions were part of external modernization after years. The Golf Cabrio is always delivered with the small pre 1980 taillights. The car's fixed rollbar and compact, angular design earned it the nickname "strawberry basket".


Although the development of the VW Golf I Cabriolet dates back to the early 70s, you immediately notice what a masterpiece was delivered back then. Almost half a century later, the car feels solid and has excellent road holding. This VW Golf I Cabriolet is equipped with power steering. A noisily buzzing but oh-so-great option. We simply turn the windows down, but the roof works automatically. Loosen the clamps and in less than a minute this Golfer takes off his hat and puts it in his inner pocket in a routine manner. The 1.8 engine is in perfect harmony with the car. Nothing about power too much or too little and switching is addictively pleasant.


Inside, no effort has been made to shape the place there. The buttons are all equally ugly and clumsy, but functional. The dashboard is a box of blocks, but everything is in a logical and pleasant place. Something that wasn't popular at all in the 70's and 80's. At that time, one brand came up with an even more spectacular dashboard than another. Often heavy at the expense of logic or ergonomics. No radio on the floor here, no window controls on the ceiling and no door handles hidden. Everything is where it should be. Only the luggage compartment can be confused with the glove box. In terms of space and access through a small flap, this confusion is understandable. A case of beer is impossible to get in without swearing.

Salad spinner

This Volkswagen Golf I Cabriolet has driven less than 28 kilometers in 138.000 years and the car shows that. There are some light signs of use, but especially the good care of the lady and the quality of this car means that the Golf is still very fresh and youthful. Just seeing the key brings up a nostalgic feeling. The round black key with steel VW logo is etched in our collective memory as a Bakelite telephone, a View-Master or the orange salad spinner.

1974 - 1983 Golf I
1979 - 1993 Golf I Convertible
1983 - 1992 Golf II
1992 - 1997 Golf III
1993 - 2000 Golf III Convertible


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  1. I have always found the radios in the Golf mounted ridiculously high.
    Easy to read, but difficult to operate, because your hand "floats", instead of being able to rest on the gear lever.
    Corolla from the 90s had that too.

    Also nice cars, although I am from the Escort mk4.
    Heavily underrated compared to the golf, while the chassis and driving characteristics are perhaps even better.

  2. What a beautiful car! This one evokes warm memories. My first car was a VW Golf Cabrio like this one, also Inka blue with electric hood, power steering and blue checkered upholstery. I didn't like the original rims so they had to make way for 5-spoke Borbet rims. I am attaching a scanned photo of the car. After driving it for a year, I traded the Golf in for a new FIAT Bravo 2.0i 20v HGT. When we are young we sometimes do stupid things, in hindsight.

  3. Nice car, almost bought it once, drove well. But at the VW dealer they think they can be rude to you. Bought a lovely Escort convertible at the competition that drove at least as well, was more practical and in terms of technology as good as perfect. Although my last MX5 is even better. But it remains a beautiful car, that Golf. Hope the new owner cherishes it.

  4. I also have 1 but from 1979. Really 1 of the first. Mine is from February 1979 and was registered in June 1979. Unfortunately it is now in my garage and has to do a few things to make it running unfortunately. But yes, with a card. But it does have something special

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