VW Polo Harlekin. An ugly young timer

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Germany and festivities? Then you think of Bratwurst and large pots of beer, not subtle, balanced meals with the finest wines. And on a styling level, Germans only really get away with it if it is modest to technically sound. Think of a Volkswagen Polo. Do not think of a VW Polo Harlekin.

It has been 25 years since the Volkswagen Polo Harlekin appeared on the market. As a tribute to that colorful Polo, Volkswagen Netherlands came with a new Polo Harlekin. A one-off, but the result is no less. Or less bad. The original Volkswagen Polo Harlekin based on the Polo 6N was never actually intended to go into production, but it happened nonetheless.

From emergency response to statement

We recently saw a car that had taken that approach for the sole valid reason. The lived-in Toyota had two different colored doors. A blue left front screen and a red boot lid. The youthful owner did not take inspiration from art school, but found it at a few local junkyards - RECOVERY: certified car recycling companies. The seams between the panels were exemplary. Savings were made for a single color makeover. But some inquiries had learned that having a car sprayed can no longer be done for two hundred euros. When I told the boy about VW's Polo Harlekin, he got a cautious smile on his face.

'Does crazy!'

The famous American motorcycle brand Indian was once under the care of the chemical and paint giant DuPont. At that time, as an Indian buyer you could have your motorcycle painted in any stock DuPont color. After a Friday afternoon drink, VW came up with the possibility of taking over the color choice for the customer. The Harlekins had just about all colors on just 1 body.

Intended as an attention grabber

In order to make the latest Polo an attention-grabber, Volkswagen made twenty Polos in that colorful version for promotional purposes that could be used at (dealer) events. Many people and therefore (potential) customers also got to see those cars. And then something happened that Volkswagen had not taken into account: there were customers who absolutely wanted such a multicolor Polo. Then the Germans did something against their genetic condition. They picked up Polos in various shades and happily exchanged the panels.

Polos were chosen in the colors blue, red, yellow and mint green. Body parts such as the bonnet, tailgate, doors, bumpers and mirrors of those cars were exchanged according to a fixed pattern. The base color of your Harlekin is the color that you find on the roof, the sills and in the engine compartment. It's just a know. Despite the fact that no dearly paid 'fakes' have been spotted yet.

In Europe, the limited edition 'Harlekin' model was released in 1995.

The Polo Harlekin had multi-colored body panels with a symmetrical combination of Flash Red, Ginster Yellow, Pistachio Green and Chagall Blue. Harlekin Polos used the 1.6 petrol engine and had special seats with 'Joker' pattern and custom gear shift knob and steering wheel. Originally limited to 1.000, approximately 3.800 of this series were produced.

So they are quite rare. And pointlessly ugly. But that is of course a personal taste


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  1. I wouldn't want to be seen in most German cars, but this version of my Germanic self-mockery would have been a unique contender. Because Polos are perfectly fine as a vehicle, but kakelbont probably not popular 'for the trade'. Instead of such a futile sticker about an electronic watchdog on board, this seems to me to be reasonably effective when it comes to proletarian borrowing.

  2. A people who release such a car, don't you forgive everything? Okay, not a good joke. But I think it's hilarious and I think this young timer is especially popular with circus and Cliniclowns. Or with boys and girls who want to make an appropriate impression when they apply for a job at Lego or something. I would like to drive just about anything, especially the Fiat Mulitpla, but this car in those colors, I will pass by.

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