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There classics purchasing (copy)

There's no getting around it: classic Volkswagen buses and campers can still enjoy a high level of interest. The prices for a good bus or camper are therefore at a high level, which is no news for a long time. That popularity also translates in a different way. Many toy and scale model manufacturers are making a profit, developing scaled-down versions of the VW Type 2 models. Certainly the T1 is often used as a basis. Playmobil has also focused on a scaled-down version of the first generation of Volkswagen buses: the T1 camper.

Playmobil is not the first toy manufacturer to focus on the VW T1 Camper. Some time ago, Lego already released a beautiful kit based on the 1 VW T1962 Camper. The kit with 1.322 elements is still available today. The Lego creators added a lot of lifelike details to the 2011 released product. Countless fans have now bought the Lego Creator product, the reviews are strikingly positive. The fun, the level of difficulty (construction), the detailing and the price-quality ratio are highly appreciated. In addition, this kit can also be expanded with a real trailer, which fits perfectly with the camper, which evokes the right feeling in its red / cream shade.

Henry the Red

This popularity has also not escaped another major toy manufacturer. Because recently Volkswagen brought the news that Playmobil has added the VW T1 Camper to the range. Henry the Red (the name of the camper that is included in the classic commercial vehicle collection of VW Hanover) model for a successful reduction. The camper from 1962 has been perfectly simulated by the makers of Playmobil.

Playmo Bullic

Playmobil scaled down the original eighteen times, in other words, the scale is 1:18. The dimensions of the miniature made of ABS are 38,5 x 28,4 x 9,4 cm. The “Playmo Bulli” equipped with: a sleeping / sitting area with a sofa that folds up. You will also find a small kitchen with cupboards and a table. There is also a sleeping area and the inventors also paid attention to the storage space. The T1 Bulli is stocked with food and camping equipment. The contours of the air-cooled engine are also clearly visible behind the engine cover. The roof rack with luggage is also a successful and original feature. Fun!

Easily accessible, 74 items

The Playmo Bulli is equipped in the color scheme gray / beige and red. The roof is removable so that the toy model is also easily accessible from above. The package consists of 74 pieces in total and is suitable for young and old. The recommended age is five years. But we can also imagine that there are enough adults who secretly want to drive a round with the Playmo Bulli. Want to build and dismantle the camper. Or want to add to the collection.

Nice suggested retail price

In any case, Playmobil has succeeded in creating an excellent representation of the real camper from Hanover. Of course, the contours are slightly less refined than with 1:18 models from manufacturers such as NOREV, Auto Art and Ottomobile. But Playmobil made a pretty lifelike model with applications that make a real camper dream come true. The suggested retail price for this nice package is € 49,95, which is at a significantly lower level than the fellow worker from Lego Creator. Do take shipping costs into account. The Playmo Bulli can be ordered within the Volkswagen webshop and via other online providers. And let's be honest: he's actually too much fun to ignore him.

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  1. Haha, that T1. I have one that has a transistor radio in it. When you turn it on, it makes a starting sound and the lights go on for a while. But want to own a real one? Not that. I heard of a boy who had a T2. Went camping with it in southern Italy. Don't think he went there with his family over the Alps, but he had it shipped to the tip of the boot for a fortune. “Really a fan”, we'll think.

  2. You would play with Playmobil again in no time. I used to play with it too, but then you didn't have a Volkswagen van of it. At that time I was taken to school with a VW T2 and later a T3 and in contrast until some others here (which is of course their own right) fond memories of these vans and a great love for the VW brand.

  3. Dear Ard.

    The Japanese classic is still quite underexposed in that regard. Speaking of the FJ40: it is not (yet) available as a LEGO building kit or a Playmobil toy package. You do see more and more movements in that direction in the 1:43 scale. Premium Classics has put the Bandeirante (put flat: LandCruiser from the “40” series with Mercedes diesel on the market, and White Box has launched a more modern version of the Bandeirante Pick-Up. Japanese classics are slowly growing in that sense. miniature collectors market.

    • That FJ40 has already been in a preliminary round and had more than enough fans to have a construction set for it on the market. However, there is still a balloting committee in between and it has decided not to do it, they did not give a reason. So why, short of rejecting the FJ40 as a kit, put a much less iconic Land Rover Defender on the market? Such an FJ40 of “cubes” (I don't call the brand express) certainly had a right to exist. And about how they now handle TF&TF (called the Challenger, not the Supra) and Iconic bikes (everyone knows the CB750 and likes it)… I think there is more to it.

    • You can hardly expect a German toy manufacturer to rebuild Japanese cars in one go.
      With all due respect here in Europe, many generations have grown up with cars such as a Beetle, 2cv, Mini or indeed a Volkswagen Van.
      For Japanese models, I would like to refer you to manufacturers such as Tamiya, Fujimi or Hasegawa for construction sets and brands such as Tomica and Ebbro for scale models.

  4. Nice, but I notice that the famous toy manufacturers only fish in the USA and EU pond. I mean, there was enough interest in getting the Land Cruiser FJ40 from an undisclosed block manufacturer, but it never came. Well the umpteenth VW, Porsche, Bugatti… you name it! They have even put a Land Rover and Caterham on the market. Recently also the Dodge Challenger from TF&TF. But THE car from that movie (hint: it's orange) is still not there in cubes.
    Motorcycles also come off badly. Ducati, BMW, HD… there have all been 1 or more sets for sale. But still not as iconic, if not more iconic motorcycles such as the Honda CB750 or (super) Cub, Suzuki GT750, Kawasaki 750 H2, Yamaha V-Max.

  5. Marketing (propaganda) those Germans can do that!

    Many think it is a nice car, but in fact it is an idiot.
    Is very forced into an 'icon'. Sad.

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