VW T3 by Hans Rump and an original restoration

VW T3 restoration
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Much is said and written about keeping a classic original. One owner keeps it to the original specifications, or restores it in this way. The other opts for a conversion to electric. Hans Rump chose evolution, and put his personality in his VW Typ2 T3 Pritschenwagen. He saved him from destruction and created something special: a VW T3 with 1.9 TDI engine and 147 HP. It was an original restoration, without Hans keeping the original condition intact. But it did unambiguously hold onto the character of the Volkswagen. 

Hans Rump approached us. And we were surprised when he told about the restoration of his VW T3. “A rewarding object to restore. I also have a soft spot for T3 models, more than Beetles. Classic VWs leave a lot of room for personalization anyway, without losing their individuality. ”

New appearance, new specs, new future

The Pick-Up with single cabin and the old 1.6 CS diesel engine seemed to be in a somewhat nice condition. Until Hans started working on it. Let's put it this way: in many known weaknesses and in many other places much, much life experience was revealed. The T3 sighed under the intensive work he had been doing since 1984. The handyman was tired at the end of his career. Then Hans tracked him down, and he gave the VW T3 a new look, a lot of new power and a new future. Speaking of that power: we noticed that it was not for the cat, a special experience also in a VW T3.

Great customization

It took a lot of work for Hans, who made custom solutions and welding work second nature. It is visible in the modified sheet metal, but also, for example, in the way in which the 1.9 TDI engine from a Golf was spiced up. How the intercooler was placed. And what adjustments were needed for that. Or what about the exhaust system and the turbo with variable geometry? And the preparations to mount the beautiful hood securely? It all looks great.

Sustainable restoration, multi-purpose Pick-Up

Hans has now driven more than 25.000 kilometers with his Volkswagen, which he uses for multiple purposes. He uses the car for business, to transport his water sports passion, and he also camped with it together with his partner Anneke. There is something else that Hans mentioned. “Restoring a car with used mechanics and technology, new sheet metal and self-conceived constructions is sustainable. I recently calculated that the turning point compared to a newly produced Polo or Ibiza is around 300.000 kilometers. And you can also adjust the car at your own discretion. Count your profit. ”

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  1. I have nothing to do with VW or T's or whatever
    But how this man has been doing ... ... what a great piece of craftsmanship!
    Hats off and a lot of (driving) pleasure from your T3!

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