A VW TL with injection


A VW TL with injectionA VW TL with injection. A TLE ... We hadn't seen that yet. And neither does Harry Heideveld.

But Harry, who is a Ford Mustang specialist, fell in love with the powder blue, fully authentic Maxi Beetle.

The car has only walked about 38.000 miles and has the traces of use that are currently so highly appreciated. Authentic is now so much more beautiful than restored!

A VW TL with injectionCars of this series have been undervalued for years. But that has changed dramatically. The first car of Dolf Peeters, the writer of the text, was such a VW TL. He bought it in 1976 for 300 guilders. Now a nice VW TL from this branch of the family can quickly cost 10 grand +.

Knowing more? Go to the kiosk on a trot, or take out such a super cheap subscription to AMK, it largest classic magazine in the Dutch language area. Including Suriname and the Antilles so ..

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