We just don't dare to: buy a chopper

Santee Triumph Bonneville

Classics have everything to do with nostalgia. And in terms of nostalgia, Easy Rider must be deeply rooted in our genes.

Oldskool customs and choppers now also have classic status. But apparently in the EIA Calvinistic areas they are still a bridge too far for most of us.

We concluded that during a stopover in Brummen, where we once took pictures of a purebred chopper with a very fresh block at Joost Woesthoff - motorcycle runner and budget occassion trader.

Of course we also had our reasons for not buying that artwork. And we were not alone in that. Because how iconic such a Santee Triumph also is, our backs and so can now collect a little less than twenty or thirty years ago. And it doesn't fit on the mantelpiece either ...

A relaxed Joost is not really worried.
But he is surprised about it.

“I have already discounted it too. But if he doesn't leave, I'll just keep him. At least I like it. "

In the custom framework we also have to look for one of the specials that Startwin made at the time ...

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