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The agreement between freelancers and retirees? They have the option to schedule their own time. And motorcycling is so much more fun during the week. Especially if you take a more fun, but well-known route.


Weekend roads are packed with cyclists of all ages, levels of sportsmanship and genders, elderly people in arthrosis-friendly pastries with early retirement racks on the towbar and motorcyclists. Someone once grumbled that the Netherlands is full. He must have gotten that idea while driving over the Posbank over a weekend. "Do we want more or fewer cyclists?" But maybe it will lead to a case law.

Motorcycling was once described as something for individualists. And during the week you will find that idea again. Then a ride through the Twente backcountry landscape can take you back to 1960 or so. If you go to the empty east Groningen it feels even earlier. (Almost) deserted villages where grass grows between the tiles of the village street.

But also in the town and at the ferry at Bronkhorst - in the municipality of Bronckhorst - it is much quieter. When looking at boats you just stand next to a bunch of fishermen. When asked if they want to bite a bit, the satisfied answer is “Not Hiero. But around the corner I have three hundred hooks in the water ”. Around the corner, eels probably aren't aware that they shouldn't be caught. But the conversation went on quietly. In addition, you will benefit enormously in the rustic part of Gelderland if you do not have a 'Gooise r' or other Randstad or ABN related speech impediment.


People from the west are often seen as people who have it all in the head: "Tis just as the maelmus is in the maelkiste, you certainly think that 'te is the mölder herself'." After 25+ years of integration in the region, my speech was at least acceptable enough to keep the conversation going nicely. That is why I now know that there are catfish of almost two meters in the IJssel. The eel and the catfish that are kept on a leash are therefore saved from drowning by making them ready for consumption.


From the fish, the talk went to the wheels. The two sturdy over-50s who practiced fishing in such a neo-liberal way had also ridden motorbikes. This was often done in Gelderland and the Achterhoek in the past. 'Oerend hard' by Normal is historically correct. To make it easy, the story in ABN went something like this. One fisherman to the other: “But you still have such an old thing in the shed, don't you?” “No, you are confused. That's Gerrit." If in Gelderse and the Achterhoek the name 'Gerrit' or 'Gert' falls under XNUMX+ people, then you are in the generation where the boys in the lower years were almost all called that. These were Gert and Riet: “Dee is lying under a tree”. (which are separated). And now Gerrit and his belongings apparently had to leave the building.

If you then ask interested what kind of engine it is and where to find Gerrit? Then it becomes quiet. Want to talk during a first meeting? That is at most a prelude to further information at another time. “Wi oosterlingen bunt gehiemschrievers” or thereabouts. You can also know a lot if you don't talk about it. Something like that.

Compulsive digital 'sharing' is viewed here with healthy suspicion. On the other hand: Us knows us. Because when visiting another Gerrit, the fishermen, one of whom turned out to be called Gert, and their divorced friend were discussed in connection with the fisherman's story. Gerrit looked satisfied. ”Oh yes, that is Gerrit. I remember that from the sidecar cross. He has a CB750. I'd like to hear that around for you. And I'll tell him to tell his buddy not to talk about that fishery like that. ”

And further: “A'j plat könt praoten, mo'j ut neet laoten”. It can make communication much easier. But never try to pretend popular. That is deadly.

PS. Gerrit's motorcycle has now been seen. He now has a different owner.

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  1. I come from the heart of the Randstad, but I don't get looked at strange in that corner of the country. If you want to know, here in the village there is still a lot of flat Rhineland talking.

  2. a Randstad speech impediment, I am glad that I have an oxygen tank at home, otherwise it would have been the same with me as with the eels.
    So you see again how “Deadly” Dolf's articles can be,
    Just Brilliant !!!
    Greetings from a very warm YVR

  3. Even a native from the green heart of Holland like me will be praised if you let it shine through that you are an independent entrepreneur in the agricultural sector, to put it politically. I was told that only stubborn and half-foolish people in this country can or want to be farmers.

    Make Europe 1? She never succeeds. Never succeeded in the USSR and before with the Romans. Only the US has succeeded, but there they have first killed (almost) all native Dutch.

  4. Dear Dolf

    May I point out a topographical shortcoming. In your (also beautiful) story you write: "If in the Gelderland and Achterhoek the name …………."
    In Twente we say “the Gelderland” when we mean the Achterhoek, but others will note that the Achterhoek is part of the Gelderland (Gelderland).
    You're welcome.

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