Weekers comes with "ultimate attempt" for new old-timer scheme

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amkTRIUMPHWeekers comes with "ultimate attempt" for new old-timer scheme

Today the General Consultation on Tax Obligation took place, whereby State Secretary Weekers of Finance would explain his letter containing 6 options for the new old-timer scheme and answer questions about it.

The 6 options for the new old-timer scheme that Weekers mentioned in his letter to the Lower House are as follows:

  1. Age limit for exemption from motor vehicle tax per 1 January 2014 increase to cars of 30 years and older, with the addition of LPG surcharge and diesel surcharge in the structural situation.
  2. Exemption from motor vehicle tax for petrol cars from 30 years and older and exemption from diesel and LPG cars from 40 years and older.
  3. Same as 2, but with the introduction of a quarterly rate for motor vehicle tax (30 year for gasoline cars and 40 year for diesel and LPG cars).
  4. Complete driving count for vehicles older than 40 year (no distinction in fuel type).
  5. Introduction of an 30 day ticket (based on a suspension whereby 30 can be driven onto the road days a year, this must be reported digitally).
  6. Mileage registration and charging based on kilometers driven for cars of 30 years and older.


As already known, the consultation with the old-timer alliance failed because this old-timer alliance only wanted to agree to an increase in the age limit, without further financial consequences. According to State Secretary Weekers, this was not a realistic option because it would be too expensive. In his letter, Weekers indicated that he had a preference for option 3, 5 and, to a lesser extent, option 4.

During the consultations, the positions of the various political parties soon became clear:

  • Neppèrus (VVD) has doubts about the feasibility of the day ticket. The true old-timers that reflect the cultural heritage should be spared as far as she is concerned and that is why she sees the most in option 4: raising the age limit to 40 years. She also finds the quarterly rate (option 3) negotiable.
  • Groot (PvdA) also has doubts about the feasibility of the 30 day ticket. Groot sees the most in option 3 because everyone contributes, and option 4 is certainly negotiable for Groot because this protects the cultural heritage and is in line with the earlier motion by Bashir (SP).
  • Bashir (SP) is not in favor of the quarterly rate. According to Bashir, the introduction of the quarterly rate would lead to an export of vintage cars.
  • Van Vliet (PVV) invites Weekers to consult again and to look at which options are the most feasible and can count on support from the sector organizations. Van Vliet sees the most in an option where old-timer owners can choose from a day ticket system and quarterly tax. Cars from 50 years and older should also be fully exempted.

Weekers regrets that he has not come out with the old-timer alliance. According to him, the old-timer alliance only wanted to stick to the age increase and other options could not be discussed with the sector organizations. For example, Weekers indicated that the idea of ​​Van Vliet (old-timer owner being given a choice of day ticket or quarterly rate) was presented to the branch organizations but that they saw no benefit in it.

The State Secretary acknowledged that cars that currently have no MOT liability (such as cars from the '40 and' 50 years) should also remain exempt under the new regulation. According to Weekers, this will also fit within the budget.

Weekers finds the possibility for the old-timer owner to choose between a day ticket and a quarterly rate: cars that are cherished will not be on the street and an 30 day ticket is a good solution, but cars that are outside (the day ticket is a vehicle suspended and may therefore not stand on the public road) are fine with a quarterly rate. Weekers finds the quarterly rate, which on average will be 130 Euro, very reasonable and affordable.

Weekers indicated that he would make an "ultimate attempt", trying to come up with a new design for the old-timer scheme. This proposal will be based on option 3, 4 and 5, with the comment that the costs may not exceed 20 million euros. When an option turns out to be around (or above) the 30 million euro, this option is dropped (read: less to be spent on MRB, ed.) Weekers hopes that the branch organizations will support this proposal, if not then he hopes a majority in the Chamber for this. This new proposal will be announced to Weekers by letter to the House of Representatives at the beginning of next week, so that the proposal can be considered before the May recess.

Rob ter Huurne,


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  1. Yes I know Roger Bremen…. Hence I bark him during the winter months duuhhhhh! Even if it is not (yet) 25 or 30 years old, it is still a classic. The most beautiful coupe together with the SEC that Mercedes has ever built.

  2. With a Cadillac of 2300 kilo on gas that I only use for meetings, a quarterly rate is also priceless !!!
    And then those old army trucks or lorry… that is impossible to afford.
    The solution: back what this exemption is for.
    Exemption for all petrol cars of 30 years… as is usual in Europe for 30 years ..
    With the caveat that you pay for a 1st car… by your addition or by registered in the name of a modern car.
    If you do not have a 1st car or company car, you simply pay road tax… because then you drive daily….
    Logical anyway: the frequent driver with a 190d from '86 is easily lost… ..and the enthusiast is spared….
    If you have a diesel or gas car, you only pay the surcharge ... because you only build in gas if you drive a lot (after all, we forget the fact that a Caprice on gas is better for the environment than a Prius, because as we know it is only about de $$$) and then diesels and gas for 1960 completely free (for the really old diesels and army trucks)
    Richly happy, environmentally happy, enthusiast happy… .. right ??? !!!!

  3. Let us assume that it is crazy that we (read the government) give away billions to countries such as Greece and Cyprus, where an average family just has a BMW, Audi or Mercedes at the door. That we spend 26 billion on our royal family for which they have to do almost nothing. We (read classic enthusiasts) may pay the bill for this.

  4. My hobby is a '92 MB 300CE in the garage that only comes out during the spring / summer months. It was suspended for the rest of the year. The winter car is therefore suspended in the summer and remains in the driveway until Sept / Oct is a bit due to the weather because the 300CE is not yet out of suspension with this strange weather.

  5. I'm still waiting to see what it will be, but if certain things are changed, I hand in my license plate and the car only ends up on the drag strip, a shame for all those children that I make happy with it every year a ride or that sort of thing ...

  6. Quarterly rate is already 734 euros for me, the full hit will be 2936 euros per year for me. what a lovely country isn't it? Actually from the fools that our fuel prices are 10 times higher than those of countries where there is even the road tax: S That will STILL be added to us. As long as we pay all taxes twice….

  7. Uhhh an average of € 130 for a quarterly rate, what is the basis, sir, on a fiat 500 for sure, because my Americans really don't come close to that, just go for a 30-day card, and that won't save that *** with less than 30 million, wait and see again ………………

  8. Has anyone ever thought of a change-over number plate for vintage cars, just like for garage owners? I don't think anyone will have a problem with that and is a solution for many owners of several vintage cars.

  9. It will not stay completely the same as the old one, so make the choice for the owners between 30 days card or 25% without the extra charge for LPG. I already pay that surcharge at the pump when I fill my gas tank.

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