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In the National Classic Research 2016 we look at the classic love of manufacturers and importers. Today: Audi.

You can only be successful as a brand if you know where you come from and are proud of what you do. That is in the case of Audi more difficult than you think, because the brand comes from everywhere and nowhere. There are not many classics; instead, they listen to names such as Horch, Auto Union, Wanderer or NSU. A long time ago, you say? Know then that there are still 10.616 cars in the Netherlands that have Auto Union on the license plate.

For the other brands, it is a bit longer ago, by the way. There are far fewer of those left.

Brand Amount
Auto Union 10.616
Horch 5
NSU 653
Wanderer 1

The main part is logically formed by Audi. There are 280.985 cars in the Netherlands where that brand is stated on the registration certificate. Yet there is also some variation in that.

Brand Amount
Audi 280.985
Quattro 1.029
Audi / Porsche 35



The Dutch importer, Pon, has already had the event twice Audi Tradition organized. Audi's were welcome, but also cars from the 'predecessor brands'. Efforts were also made to bring special cars to Leusden, such as the NSU Brixner Spyder competition car, a Horch 930 and a DWK Monza. In addition, Pon himself has a beautiful Quattro. Yet that beautiful event was only a bright spot in the deep darkness, if we can believe Audi drivers.
Peter Urbanus, owner of an 22 year-old Audi 80, appreciates the parts supply with an 6 and the involvement of Audi in the classic world with an 4. "I don't think VAG is very interested in old models," he says. "The models from the 90 from the years were sometimes much more robust than what they now produce, but VAG is only interested in selling new." Another driver says: 'The importer and manufacturer do sadly little for the brand's classics, especially given the pretensions that Audi has to be or become a prestigious brand. To be honest, I think my Audi 100 is a good-quality and fine-driving car, but for involvement with classics, I give no more than an 1.

Practical, quirky and innovative

The number of old Audis - Oudis, if you want - is not too impressive. Only five of the 50 are left, of the 60 there are 64. Of the various 80 generations, there are still 5.598, while the number of 90s is reduced to 322.
To conclude with a positive note: we cannot ignore the Audi A2, one of the most special young timers. Practical, quirky, innovative, the A2 was it all. Yet no more than 3.499 were sold in the Netherlands. More than 5.500 now has a Dutch license plate. For the strict youngtimer fanatics: 2.382 were built before 2002.

Finally, we can deal with the urban myth that Audis are always gray. Of the 293.095 Audi's in the Netherlands there are 112.485 gray, but there are also 44.762 blue, 7.768 red, 6.101 brown, 865 yellow and even 482 purple.

More about it National Classic Research 2017 you can read in the February issue of Auto Motor Klassiek. That is on 20 January with the subscribers and on 24 January in the store.

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Victory quits.

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