What's the matter with that gas?

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What's the matter with that gas? This holiday we filled unleaded 98 gasoline and even 102 once in The Netherlands. Our engines ran more sensibly and measurably better there.

In the Netherlands we had also experienced differences when refueling Premium Brands and juices from - for example - the Tango Tap.

In true classics, the ignition often has to be adjusted compared to the factory data.

Even crazier: warning lights went on at various young-timers known to us. Also those of the Lamdda probe / catalyst. Various garage owners were happy to advise on expensive repairs.
Somewhere in the story, however, there was a garage owner who asked, "Have you recently refueled a different brand of gas?" That turned out to be the case. The garage owner first advised to deprive a full tank of the 'old' gasoline. And twisted: the error messages disappeared. Apparently a brand of gasoline can give a kind of deposit on sensors that can confuse the measurement and control technology of a young timer. We do not know about scientific research. We only mentioned this in practice.

We get no answer to the question “What do they make gasoline of today?” Acetone seems to be in it, water would have been mixed with it. Apparently there is often more than the indicated 5% alcohol in it. And lots of duty. Is one AutoMotorKlassiek reader who is a chemist or chemist? Who could tell us ...

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  1. I have more than 3 years of experience with the above problem.
    With my Polo (2004) I usually tank Shell
    Is something else refueled, no matter what, soon the engine management light and the EPC on the dashboard
    Refuel your tank Shell is over again
    Summer 2012 in Italy, no Shell, the familiar lights come on
    Summer 2014 in Austria, once no Shell, yes there he is again!
    My garage also advises Shell, with vague complaints they let the customers refuel, for 99% the problems have disappeared
    Apparently the gasoline is lapped with water, your engine doesn't get enough power and goes into protest (haha)
    moreover, you can make a lot more kilometers with Shell
    Other gasoline 1: 14 / 15 with Shell 1: 18

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