What is this?

Do you know what this is?

What is this? Discovered in an underground garage in the British capital. No brand or type designation can be found on the entire car. Well on the road tax disc behind the windshield, but you can't decipher that. Looking at the rims you might think it's a retro model, but it's not. A bit of a shame that they mounted such rims, because there are nicer ones from that time. The trolley consists of a tubular frame, decorated with a carriage made of aluminum. The year of construction seems to be 1956, at least when the two gentlemen who came up with this all started. Only in 1963 was the job done and the thing put on license plate. Do you have an idea which car this is, let us know ... No, although you would think that, it is not a Lotus XI, but that was looked at very carefully when designing ...

Photo: If you look at the car, you would swear it is a Lotus XI with roof. That's not it… 

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