Wheeler dealers: A VX and a Guzzi


Because it was slow during journeys in and around the Randstad, I sold my car a few years ago. Then I scored cheap engines - classics, of course - that preferably had to be equipped with: 1) A cardan, 2) electronic ignition and 3) valves that I can adjust myself without much effort.

Classics as daily transportation

Because when you use a motorcycle as a car, you run for miles and official workshop visits at an hourly rate start to fall. In addition: I have a lift, quite a lot of tools and I enjoy tinkering. Then I ran into a fat old RECOVERY: classic, Guzzi. I know from experience that they are fun, rude and tough. And 'nice' is the added value for a workhorse.

Because usually the idea was that it was only about my 'car' and that I didn't have to have an emotional connection with such a two-wheeler. Under my buttocks, such a workhorse had a better life than a Greek donkey, which only managed and did not eat. But my work bikes lacked the cuddle factor almost by definition. Until the purchase of the Guzzi.

Also classic: a VX800

The Suzuki VX800, which was my 'car' for almost three years, had a number of strong points. Just the fact that I bought it from an 82-year-old ex police motorbike driving instructor who had been driving it to the official Suzuki dealer only once a year for a turn for years. The fact that the two-cylinder VXsen were not in great demand - and are - also counted heavily. That resulted in a low price and more money for motorcycles that made my heart 'BoemBoem'. In short: the 82 year old asked € 2600 euros. When I called again after a while, we agreed on € 1600, - At Marktplaats prices are asking prices. Providers are often almost fatally surprised if a serious buyer alone takes the trouble to show up.

In terms of purchasing a VX: the son of the former driving instructor had once looked at how the collection of VXs offered on Marktplaats behaved. The best way to describe the sales situation of the stretched Suzuki's is 'Marktplaats is the magazine for the Suzuki VX Club and the club members are loyal'. How much injustice that the somewhat stubbornly driving Vtwins does.

Such a Vtwin is usually good for more than a ton of trouble-free driving pleasure. If the block does not break very much before that time because of a problem with the fuel tap. Anyway. So I threw my VX back into the digital pond after 30D kilometers. And there was a deafening silence. Maybe also because I had come up with a headline that the Suzuki search engine of Marktplaats had a bit of a hard time with: “Hurray! I have a Guzzi again ”.

A clearer attempt at marketplace responded faster

Someone named Edwin or so offered 220 euros, while I had specified 750 euros as the minimum price. Then there was an English-language response from Thelma Louise. She immediately agreed with the price. For the trouble of waiting for transport and her new purchase, she would just pay 500 euros plus another 250 euros that I could hand over to the carrier. I just had to send the license plate, my name, address and bank details. Then she would pay via Western Union and have the motorcycle collected.

I didn't think that was a good idea

Anyway, I have my reservations about aid to Africa. Martin e-mailed "seems to me something. I'm coming to watch. Address please. " Martin came. From the other side of the country. The Suzuki was on the path outside the garage. Martin looked at it from the front door. He grabbed his pocket and held out three 100 bills. "Give me the papers, then I'll be gone."

I told him that I agreed with "being gone". He looked at me glassily and said: “Cock. You miss your chances. ”Exit Martin.

With Marktplaats and Speurders it is fortunately not always bad

Comrade Henk put his engine on and immediately got the response: “That is exactly the engine I am looking for. Hold him. I am coming now! "And indeed, more than two hours later a happy man from Schagen came and immediately put the money on the table upon arrival and said:" So. Now I need a cup of coffee! ”Henk engine was not a VX 800 but a Honda CB 450 from 1966. An engine that was never restored, but was quietly and carefully maintained for more than half a century. The man who recently put a fat old Harley online for 5995 euros also lost him within an hour.

Maybe I just have bad luck on the internet

Now, for example, I'm looking for some stuff for the only classic that nobody wants: a Honda C77. This is of course not intended as daily transportation, but is just a piece of nostalgia. But that will also be fine.



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