White wall paint

white wall paint

white wall paintAdvertiser Matthys sell white tire paint. You can use it to create your own white walls. And you know it: those white 'set-up white walls', those plastic rings, they are out of the question. The white paint for flanks of tires has been developed and produced in Iceland. There is a component in the paint (partially made from thinner) that makes the paint thinner and easier to apply.
This secret part of the formula is a liquid that is added to the rubber and that prevents the rubber from hardening completely. The paint is actually only 50% hard and therefore cracks are avoided while driving.

Also recommended for marking (letters) of tires or the renewal of previously applied white flanks.

This paint is perfect for diagonal (nylon) tires; but for radial tires with soft walls, cracks will appear in some types. That is why the white tire paint is only recommended for diagonal tires. The use of this paint on radial tires is always the responsibility of the user.

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  1. The paint has since changed in composition and water. Also no longer in an iron can but in a white plastic jar (to prevent confusion based on photo) I recently had the paint at www. ordered and was neatly delivered with a brush (a kind of sponge)
    Paint was there press balance even a bit cheaper, I believe sending an 18 euro ex.

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