Winter preparation 2.0

Winter preparation 2.0
ER Classics Desktop 2022

Winter preparation 2.0

In the meantime, we know the routine of preparing our classics for the winter. And if the hot battery-selling sector revives again in the spring because we have forgotten to tie our batteries to good drippers (AccuMate, C-tek, prefer nothing of the price fighters) during hibernation? So be it.

Nature destroys more ...

than you are dear. A winter can suffice, but with cars / motorcycles that are stored for longer, you can almost be sure: In unguarded moments, nature strikes mercilessly. And the rodents score high from the package 'natural enemies of your classic'. Rodents love sturdy stuff that can break. That is a matter of survival. In rodents, the teeth grow structurally. Gnawing causes the teeth to wear.
What can be tackled? Convertible hoods, wiper blades, buddyseats, leather saddles and hoods. Upholstery material, walnut panels. Oh yeah; And then of course we also have the protected stone marten, which are recognized spark plug cable junks.

Mar outside the gnawing factor offers something like a classic in a barn a great wintering place for vermin.

It is therefore important to close a garage as well as possible. But there is still a need for ventilation and a mouse can go with its front legs on its back and a cigar in its mouth through a hole of less than 2 at 2 cm.

Poison is therefore the best defense against rodents. The stuff causes the rodents to die from internal bleeding. That appears to be quite effective.

For cars, it makes sense to keep all windows and ventilation grilles closed in the cabin. Put a few moisture scoops in the cabin. That never hurts.

And don't think about what happens if there are a couple of XXXL pigeons this winter, or whatever it may have been, using the beam above your classic as a place to sleep.

That those animals do not break their own faeces can be called a miracle.

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