Women and motorcycles

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Women and motorcycles

That is one thing. Generally, members of the nicer model are not very fond of motorcycles. In a standard motorcycle suit you look like a mud potato in a bag, a helmet is the plague for your hairstyle and there are few motorcycles that have enough storage space for the results of an afternoon of shopping.

And then there was once a girl in your life who really liked motorcycling, but of course that was actually the kind of girl your mother had warned you about.

The sexist approach

The most common way to bring motorcycles and women together is to put a youthful beauty who had hurriedly dressed in an emphatically posed pose on a motorcycle. Such a child is sitting there, thinking only of her hourly wage and looking out of her eyes on command from steering wheel to brood.

That approach also does not have an exciting effect on all viewers, because we once saw a hardcore biker ignite in genuine anger because the young lady draped gracefully on, about and around an 1200 cc Harley side-flapper took it away from him, which he found the most interesting of found the whole thing: the carburetor on the Harley.

But there are opportunities

Yet there are quite a lot of women who think motorcycling is funny. Or motorcycle riding is just worth considering. And we have the opportunity to coach them in that endeavor. And since 1992 was also 25 years ago so that engines from recently before that year are also official classics, that task has become much easier. Because motorcycles between the 40 and 25 years old are much more woman friendly than, for example, an 600 cc Panther motorcycle that could easily break an ankle with the kickback of the kickstarter. And because women are less sensitive to the masculine concept of 'a heavy one is your true', there is a huge choice of friendly priced motorbikes from the classic middle class. So say something about 500-600 cc.

These are all easy to handle engines, which are reliable and clean as in 'not oil-leaking'. And of course they are - with the exception of a lost Jawa or MZ - all equipped with a starter motor.

There is plenty of choice

Of course you think very quickly about all lighter motorcycles from the Japanese corner, but a BMW R65, or let it be an R45, a Ducati Indiana 750 (!), Or a Harley Sportster are also very nice motorcycles that you all too easily love. partner wants to borrow. And the men who take a Sportster as 'witch engine' have no respect for women and have clearly never driven a Sportster.

The plans for this winter

As far as appearance is concerned, there is sufficient, modest or classic-looking motorcycle clothing that, in terms of modeling and design, just fits that pleasantly differently shaped female body without making her look like a bag.

So let's talk this carefully with our partners this winter. Before you know it she has a very nice hobby ...


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  1. Hey Dolf,

    Normally I think your bits are cool, but this time I am (personally) annoyed by your normally so pleasant mild ironic tone. The motorcycle world sometimes does its best enough to give me the feeling that I don't really belong, and this increases that rather than it attracts more ladies. Reason mentioned by you not to drive: when we “ladies go shopping” it does not always fit in a top case, but that sounds quite a-relaxed. In my experience, women are more content than just caring about how they look, or having a helmet flatten their hair. The female surgeon really doesn't care what she looks like in scrubs, and I don't care that my computer cannot help with my research on the road. You're not going to do weekly shopping on the bike, are you? You also start quite easily about the “light engines”, we are obviously too weak for the larger ones? If my uncle were to knock over his r1150 he would be as helpless as I am. I also know plenty of women who are just a bit stronger than those tiny teenagers you see chugging past on their blades. So let that "chance to coach us in that endeavor" sit, I continue in my functional lobster bag.

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