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As a classic enthusiast you must of course know what it is about and especially the special things. AMK will try to supplement your knowledge. With information. 

Triumph Herald

De Triumph Herald for instance. They were built from 1959 to 1971. As an 2 door, as an estate car, 2 door coupé and 2 door convertible. And it came on the market in 1960. Due to the high demand from abroad, the British had to wait for delivery until the fall of 1960 and not as 'known' in the summer of that year. 


The windshield of the MG MGBGT is almost 8 centimeters larger than that of the Roadster. That is why the lines are completely correct. You may have noticed that a badge is attached to the rear window of such an MGBGT. Originally with pop nails. That was done because the 'weld' had to be made between the roof and the rear screen. Whatever and whatever they tried, they read - sooner or later - visible. Handy solution.

This badge conceals the weld between the roof and rear screen of the MG MGBGT

Land Rover

While everyone shouts from the rooftops that the carriage of one Land Rover Series I to III is made of aluminum, that's wrong. The material is called Birmabright, a special aluminum 'brew' that was invented by the Birmetals Company in Quinton in the UK near Birmingham, the West Midlands. It consists of an alloy of aluminum and magnesium, where boats were built from that material, among other things. Is seawater resistant ...

The coach of a Land Rover Series I up to and including III is not made of aluminum but of Birmabright

Mazda MX-5 MkI / Eunos

De Mazda MX-5 MkI / Eunos has - it may surprise you - British roots! The bodywork was in fact signed by and at International Automotive Design - as a V705 design - in the town of Worthing. To make the design ready for production, a little bit was 'planed' at Mazda.

BMW 635 CSi

Under the front bumper of a BMW 635 CSi a fairly aggressive spoiler is fitted ex works. It has always been thought that this was done to give the model a 'sportier' appearance. BMW indicates, however, that this 'air dam' causes 15 percent less 'lift' at the front.

Jaguar 2.4 / 3.4 Liter

De Jaguar 2.4 / 3.4 Liter - which is almost always referred to as MkI - was the first Jaguar to have a self-supporting carriage ... so no longer a body on a 'loose' chassis.

Lancia Fulvia

Placing the 1963 on the market Lancia Fulvia was a whole for the Italian car manufacturer tour de force… Disc brakes, front-wheel drive, independent suspension and a motor with two overhead camshafts… When mentioning the AC brand, many people think that this British car manufacturer has only focused on the Cobra. No, it was a versatile automobile manufacturer, one who even produced tens of thousands of motorized invalid carriages.

AC 2-Liter Saloon

But from 1947 to 1956 also the AC 2-Liter Saloon. It had an 1.991 cm3 (wet liner) six-in-line under the hood that was already found in 1922 in the AC16. That engine then delivered 35 hp to the wheels ...

Porsche 968

It only saved a hair or the Porsche 968, the replacement of the 944 was called the 944 Series 4 ... That plan fell almost a few minutes before the new model was announced. For marketing reasons ...

Alfa Romeo 155 16V TS

De Alfa Romeo 155 16V TS, a four-wheel drive derivative of the 155, is seen by many as something very special. That is allowed. Under the skin it is no different than a Lancia Delta Integrale ...


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