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Land Rover

And you just think why one Volkswagen Beetle from 1970 to its European end in 1979 the type designation 1302/1303 got ... The solution is simple. Simca was already using the 1301 type designation ...

Land Rover Series III

De Land Rover Series III remained virtually unchanged from 1971 13 year. Until the type in 1984 was replaced by the Land Rover 90 / 110 version. Compared to its predecessor, the Land Rover version was considerably improved.

The Land Rover Series III remained virtually unchanged in production for 13 year

Triumph Stag

And you just think that one Triumph Stag is typically British. Not so good, because it originated from the brains of the top Italian designer Giovanni Michelotti, who designed one for him Triumph 2000 / 2500 used and managed to convince the management of British Leyland.

Morris Minor 1000 

The first Morris Minor 1000 the one who died was the Tourer. The convertible. The last one rolled off the band on 18 August 1969. The Saloon followed in 1970. The Traveler - the 'wooden' station wagon -, the Van and Pickup followed in 1972. The last two models were also available as Austin ...


The Morris Minor 1000 Tourer was the first Minor to die ...


Baur was the only bodywork factory that received the blessing from BMW (...) for the roof of the BMW E30 to cut off. The so-called TopCabriolet was available from 1983 up to and including 1991 via the official dealer channels.

Bentley Corniche I Convertible

De Bentley implementation of the Rolls-Royce Corniche I Convertible that was available from 1971 to 1986 is extremely rare. Only 77 were built ...

Vauxhall Cavalier 

And when we talk about convertibles, the British counterpart of the Opel Manta was called Vauxhall Cavalier and it was also available as a convertible. If you are the lucky owner of such a car, we would be very careful with it. Especially on the frame of the roof, the (linen) roof itself can be copied by a specialist, but the frame that is no longer supplied and used is also extremely rare. At least unmolested ...

Singer Gazelle 

Having an Singer Gazelle is an unloved classic in our country, while it was a nice product of the former Rootes Group. Extremely luxurious trolley. The Series IIIC was equipped with the 'thickest' engine from 1961 onwards: 1.592 cm! Of course also as a four-seater convertible. A Singer Gazelle is already rare, the cabrio version is even rarer, because after being in production for one year, the curtain fell. Nowadays a convertible is available for almost every new car to be delivered. That was different in the (late) seventies. "People" found such an "open" car dangerous, so they were almost banned.

Saab 900 Turbo Convertible

Saab threw the bat in the hen house and introduced, for example, the 900 Turbo Convertible. That became a success, a big success. Conversion specialist ASC - American Specialty Cars - based in Warren, Michigan, spun good yarn with it. In 2005 they sold more than one million convertible roofs worldwide ... ASC is also the 'inventor' of the glass' wuffle roof '... People call it'moonroof...

MG Midget / Austin-Healey Sprite

In an update of the MG Midget en Austin-Healey Sprite got the quirky cart from January 1972 'round' wheel arches. That model is known as Round Wheel Arch. Then another wheelhouse was also mounted. From the Triumph Spitfire. Had a better transfer, which meant there was less 'steering'. And a second, transverse damper in the exhaust system. That made it a 'whisper cart'. From 1973 onwards, the DC dynamo was replaced by an AC dynamo. To meet the American safety requirements, the car appeared in 1974 with those horrible - black - blocks on the bumpers. They were soon called Sabrina's, named after the British actress Norma Ann Sykes, who went through life as Sabrina. At the time, even more cars were fitted with such 'blocks' on the bumpers. Just think of the American version of the Porsche 911 ...

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