Verkeerd afgelopen, a great plan or "Is that allowed?"

But in this Amazon there is just another GM Small Block. After all, it shouldn't be too crazy?
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A "Jag that runs!" (quote). With 350 CUI Chevy block so. Is that allowed?

We recently got in touch with someone who has done a really nice engine transplant. In its classic. A car where there are still quite a few driving around. But still: is such a breach of what the manufacturer once came up with a nice idea or is it objectionable?


In The States there was - or is - a supplier of conversion kits that could be used to spoon Chevrolet Small Blocks into Jaguar's XJs.



A Dodge Dart block in an 911. Something different than a Chevy V8

His ad battle cry was - or is - "Make your Jaguar the car it should have been"

From our own environment we know the story of maikel and the lack of tolerance within the 'XXX' club.
Maikel had put a Rover 3,5 liter V8 in his 'XXX'. And there was a club meeting at a recreational area in Utrecht. Maikel stepped into his lowered, rustic filler and loosely made 'XXX' with the roller mat black. The car exhaled through two, two-inch pipe sections from the self-welded exhaust sluices.

His arrival caused some sensation. By his car. By its appearance. Maikel is the kindness itself. But due to a genetic convergence of circumstances, he looks like a successful cross between a fighting bull and a pit bull. He met a neat company that conversed in a civilized tone about the right shade of pale blue and patterns of the seat covers. But the pleasant conversation between like-minded people, which the somewhat lonely Maikel had hoped for, didn't really get going. Disappointed, he left the party well before closing time. He thought it was all due to the bourgeoisie of the dentists and accountants who populated the recreational area ... What can you expect from people who like Swedish cars ?!

There had to be a group of classic enthusiasts who had a more open-minded view of what actually are just nice old cars. Maikel still doubted whether he was going to ride French or Italian. It became French. Because he had always liked TAs. And his uncle had had one.

He bought a somewhat neglected one Citroen TA and went to work.

We did not hear how his clubmates reacted when he came to his first encounter with his newest addition. But why wouldn't you put a Ford V6 in a TA?


Responses are welcome.

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But in this Amazon there is just another GM Small Block. After all, it shouldn't be too crazy?


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  1. Absolutely great!
    Whether you turn a GTO into a chicken run or an 500 into a drag racer. If you own a car you can (in the beginning) do what you want with it. Whether the result is pleasant for your environment
    is another question. But Maikel in this story just has to look for the right company.
    I myself once visited a jaguar club. When I asked an owner how he had adjusted the carburetors, the man looked a bit irritated at me and said he had it done.
    Just like the rest of the car's restoration. This man was a real enthusiast and I also love jaguars. But this club turned out not to be the right one for me.

  2. Something like that has been accepted in America. Rather custom than original. Or sometimes original parts are too expensive or cannot be imported. I once came across an Xj series 2 in Brazil with a Silverado engine and automatic transmission. Once taken by a diplomat. Beautiful car further but no mechanic or parts to be found. Great solution. VW enthusiasts: take a look at

  3. What a renovation, crazy! Why do people do this? I cannot imagine that it runs better than with the original configuration. It is allowed, of course. But make me original.

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