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Hillman Imp

Hillman ImpLooking for a 'neat car for little' for an acquaintance, we ended up in Velp, at the world famous Zuider Parallelweg 50. 6882AH. There we found the car we were looking for plus, at the back of the site, a very nice Lada and a neat Skoda. Vernon de Groot is a one-man company.  www.Nude /

His neighbor Marcars Unlimited turned out not to be much bigger, but more focused on repair. Marc's preference is in the English corner, and the VW buggy, which has been under construction for years, is therefore a stranger.

In addition to his company, we found a few cars that we think had ended badly with them. And there was also a man with a very interesting story ...

We will come back to that.


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Karmann Ghia

The VW Karmann Ghia 1955-1974

NOTE: First edition CLASSICSNL in Leeuwarden moved to October