Verkeerd afgelopen?


Opinions differ on this. Nico Aaldering from the Brummense Gallery usually goes for impeccable top quality and the higher price segment.

But the Harley that is now in its showroom is far from spotless and for the time being certainly not for sale.

The machine is not a barn find, but a wall find.

The owner bricked in the Harley when the Germans invaded the country. That saved the motorcycle from deportation.

His owner was worse off. He got a one-way ticket to Germany.

The Harley went into hiding until recently it came out of its two walls during demolition work.

Nico Aaldering is a merchant. But also a very emotional man. He has bought the V-twin. Because he likes it so much. In the state he is currently in. And that's not wrong.


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  1. I think it's a beautiful story and a great motorcycle!
    Very unfortunate that the owner was not able to enjoy it again later. I think it is very important that these kinds of “stories” are preserved, especially that engine; I think it is “precious heritage” !!
    Thank you, Nico, that you too feel the right value here!
    See you in Brummen, Gert van Vliet.

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