Verkeerd afgelopen

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autokerkohof in NLVerkeerd afgelopen. In a real, old-fashioned car graveyard. Not even in a distant country, but just here in the European province of the Netherlands.

The company once started as a car scrap yard, became a garage, moved.

But the cars on the old demolition site stopped. For decades. Whether they can now be restored? Do not think so…. This is really what you call verkeerd afgelopen....

But whether they can function as a donor? There is still plenty autokerkohof in NLuseful stuff at. So maybe not entirely verkeerd afgelopen?

We are currently speaking with the owners. But it is almost certain that we can make a real report of it.

Including the possibility for AMK readers to be able to buy there. So buy. Don't wander around for hours with a camera for the belly and a dreamy look in the eyes. That is what makes the site owners and the herding dog very nervous about that kind of people.

To be continued

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The September issue, containing:

  • Purchase advice Mercedes-Benz SL R129
  • The Tomaso Longchamp
  • Fiat Panda 1000 L ie.
  • Traffic in the Netherlands in the XNUMXs and before
  • NSU Maxi from 1962
  • Yamaha FJ1200
  • Duplicate type designations - Part XVII
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The perfect reading material for an evening or more of undisturbed dreaming. It is now in stores. A subscription is of course better, because then you will no longer miss a number and you are also € 27 cheaper. Not bad in these expensive times.

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