Verkeerd afgelopen: A Harley WLA

Verkeerd afgelopen: A Harley WLA
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Verkeerd afgelopen: A Harley WLAVerkeerd afgelopen: A Harley WLA in a state that would make even the greatest optimist sad.

Quite a few vehicles have ended up under water or in the ground between 1940-1945. In the Russian plains between Berlin and Stalingrad, tanks and other weapons are regularly removed from the soil or simply found somewhere.

But because even army vehicles are not designed to be submerged for decades or buried under water, those finds are usually no longer repairable.

We saw these defeated veterans in the 1940-1945 war museum in Arnhem. The Harley WLA stood there together with a whole hump of other 'soil and water finds'.

By the way, if you Googled on the Internet 'epaves moto sous l'eau', a whole new world will open for you.

In the meantime, we highly recommend a visit to museum 1940-45. The museum has the heart-warming appearance that is so characteristic of its French, Belgian and English counterparts., on the Kemperbergerweg 780, 6816 RX Schaarsbergen, Arnhem

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