in Classics from the Eastern Block

класически мотоциклет за продажба
Every Bulgarian even knows the value of that

Thanks to our recently acquired friend from Slovakia, we once delved deeper into the classics from the Eastern bloc. With google translate you will go a long way.

"mașini clasice de vânzare".

For example, 'Classic car for sale' in Romanian is 'mașini clasice de vânzare'. People who are motorcycling are interested in 'motociclete clasice de vânzare'. Then you will find the site, for example

The internet density behind the former Iron Curtain is dramatically lower than here. The sites that you find are then all sites of highly progressive fellow Europeans to offer classics from the Eastern Bloc People who know their way around the Internet and who focus on 'our' prices when pricing. Even in countries where the euro is not the usual means of payment, prices are often stated in euros. That makes it immediately clear where the dream target group is ... The asking price of 4.000 euros for a Jawa Californian shows that they estimate us to be very wealthy there ...

The classic selection of classics from the Eastern Bloc on the sites in the former Eastern Bloc consists of a lot of Jawa's Ural's Dneprs, Skodas, Warburgs, Volgas plus a lot of by-catch of which you could doubt the history of. Prosperity was not high in those countries. In countries such as Bulgaria and Monte Negro, people still don't bump into the money.

But aren't there any nice classics there?

Anyway. There were even quite a few classics that way when the Curtain fell. Just after 1989 we saw a reasonable number of classics at a fair in the Czech Republic apparently kidnapped from the West. And of course the bestsellers from the communist world often had nice collections of cars. Moreover, due to the low internet density, there is still a lot of white on the card. There is a lot of space, there are many barns. There are many old people in the countryside. Recently there was a vague acquaintance considering living in Bulgaria on house hunting in the region of his dreams. At one of the viewings he found the remains of 'an old thing' in a half-collapsed barn. “You work with old engines and such. Do you know what this is? “Some photos of an NSU Kettenkrad appeared on his smartphone. That thing was left behind after WWII and had been used as a field vehicle for decades. As a tractor…. He was then forgotten and put to sleep in the back of the barn ...

Apparently, the best way to find classics from the Eastern Block is to go there with someone who speaks the language. The house with the collapsed barn is not sold. The NSU meanwhile.

Also nice: Googling on 'klassicheski mototsiklet za prodazhba', then you come to the Bulgarian version of Mobile: And 1.000 LeV is more than 500 euros

Classics from the Eastern Block
Every Bulgarian even knows the value of that
Classics from the Eastern Bloc
But that was a bargain
Classics from the Eastern Block
And that at least a find


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