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Purchasing classics there

Xantia. Classic. And not for nothing anymore. Those are some keywords. Sometimes a car is a classic while you still see it everywhere in showrooms. Our memory does weird things with us.

A name from the Greek

The Xantia - the name Xantia comes from the Greek Xanthos, which means "light" - as the successor to the BX, came on the market in 1993. This one too Citroën was equipped with the famous hydropneumatic suspension system which was responsible for and ensures super comfortable driving.

The level control, which can be set at different heights, ensures that the driving height remains the same regardless of the load. And that traffic-inhibiting measures such as carter killers and pepper cans are laughers.

Steering rear axle

In addition, the Xantia also has steered rear wheels. The more luxurious versions were equipped with the computer-controlled Hydractive II suspension system. A then high-tech system in which a computer quickly adjusted the suspension adjustment to events on the road.

The driver can choose from a comfortable or sporty adjustment with a button. Many find that the Xantia is the last real and best hydropneumatic Citroën was ever made.

In addition, they of course immediately note that the emotional charge of a DS or SM is slightly higher. Because Xantia's became mainly known as lease cars for professional drivers. Just like the cheapest lease car of its time: the BX.

They didn't cost Dr **

In the meantime, BXs quickly only became valuable when they were refueled to the brim. And until very recently, you only paid more than € 600 for a Xantia if it had a full tank, full MOT and new tires.

In the meantime, Xantia's calendar can therefore also be 'classic', because older than 25 can be years. And on the plus side, such a recent classic has the advantage for many people that it does not feel dated. And that certainly applies to a hydraulique 'like the Xantia. Because a good Xantia is still a fantastic car. And now they are still cheap.

One of the photo models is from the 2e owner.

The man died and the car was sold by his sister. He had the car 22 years ago with only 8.650 km on the clock, as a two-year-old occasion bought at the Citroëndealer there.

It is an interesting, very complete Xantia from the very first series, registered in August 1993 and therefore with the Chevrons on the hood. The sales agreement which shows that one is not even that much older Citroën BX was traded in is still present.

This also applies to all maintenance and repair bills, from the moment of purchase to the present, including all on-board documents.

The car is very well cared for and has always been inside. She has a beautiful sleek body and is of course completely stainless. Furthermore, a spotless interior. The boot looks almost unused and also looks like new under the hood. But finding such a cool copy is rare.

The state of affairs

In the meantime, the asking price for astonishingly cool masterpieces is quite serious. But there you pay the rarity value of a university. But a neat Xantia (as a daily driver)? You have that for a euro or 1.000. But pay attention to a maintenance history. Because poor maintenance? With the 'hydrauliques', this results in amounts that quickly exceed the purchase amount.

A very fast Xantia

And that there was a six-cylinder Xantia in 1997 that went to the 194 + km / h with 230 horses? Ah, that's a young timer. We'll let them mature for a while.

Nearly new. Exceptional. and no longer for 'an incentive'
Just have to wait for the classic status: The Xantia V6


The blue car in the header photo is for sale at Garage de l'Est in Vlaardingen.


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  1. I have ridden a total of 3 Xantias. A really wonderful, comfortable and reliable car. Brought us to many beautiful places in Europe. Unfortunately for our last Xantia I exchanged it for a nice black XM.

  2. Why doesn't anyone mention the GS? It was a wonderful car, lighter, smoother and maneuverable than the pike. Mine were real cracks.

    • A GS definitely has our attention. And one in particular. He is in the garage of my neighbor's brother who lives in Flanders, has 14D km on the clock and has been in a heated garage for decades after the death of his owner. 🙂

  3. “The last real and best suspension Citroën"..?
    Thought that was the case with my C5. The successor model C5 was with a much smaller trunk and regular bicycle pump suspension. Have "worn out" two of those. Was sorry to turn them in. GENIUS suspension. Based on the weight of a brick, the max thrown into a double axle AND the car filled with the max kg. What do you think the combination was really horizontal. And had traction on the front wheels. Of the 135 HDI spots was not much to notice anymore.
    For me, THAT is hydraulic power

    • Each brand has 'its last real'. And it just depends who you talk about it. The last Genuine Opel, Citroen, Mercedes or Harley is just as good and real as the speaker thinks at the time. We always use the term with a smile

  4. And not to break down your fashion model; I see that it is an 1.6, an engine that was only delivered in two in the Xantia.
    That's not for nothing; it is too light for the car to drive with, a bit comparable to the 1.4 TU in a BX or ZX; not ..

    • But two (years)? The 1.6i was introduced in 1993 and has disappeared in NL in 1998 with the facelift. In some other countries, even the Xantia II was still available with the 1.6i. The performance has been sufficient for me 23,5 year and 462.300 km to keep driving comfortably for so long.

    • Hello Pascal: I know someone who is working on her fifth BX 1400. She doesn't want anything else. And is happy that they run 1 in 15. But for the Xantia, the engine feels small. Garage Berben from Ulft recently sold a beautiful and good 1800 for 999 euros and six filled cakes. And about 1800 drives very well!

  5. “The last real and best suspension Citroën"..?
    The last real is the CX that is still under Citroën was developed before Peugeot took over the lead ..
    The best suspension remains the DS, SM and CX… the heavier the car the better HP works.
    The XM, Xant and C6 (if you're talking about future classic ..) are stiffer / better muted.

    I notice a clear difference in suspension comfort between my first Xant ('93) and my last ('01).
    Xants are often driven as BXs, with the result that spring bulbs are often flat and filters need to be replaced.
    If this is taken into account in the purchase price, it is a carefree car.
    My own will soon be about two tons; time for the first turn..😁

    • See the earlier answer to 'the last real'. And I totally agree that Xantias - like other cars - are just 'nothing' worth for a while. They are then no longer maintained and die. The hydrauliques are fantastic cars. They are just a bit more maintenance sensitive than Toyotaatjes or Opels from 1970. So on to the 4 tons!

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