The Yamaha GTS 1000, a healed classic

Yamaha GTS 1000
The bald side
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The Yamaha GTS 1000, made to make long, fast journeys and to be absolutely hassle-free. And with a unique bicycle part. A bicycle part that was just a bridge too far for the traditionally conserving motorcycle enthusiasts. What else. So weird.

The GTS was a highly modern classic with fuel injection and a catalyst in its time. Plus of course with the strange hub steering of the Omega bicycle part. After the presentation of the GTS, at the end of 1992, entire magazines were fully written about the - for an engine for the public road - revolutionary control system. But strangely enough, there was little criticism about that. What was complained about was the idea that he was too sporty for a touring bike, and too touristy for a sports bike.

A wonderful everyone's friend

But in practice the Yamaha GTS 1000 turned out to be a dynamic, well-balanced machine with a wonderfully running engine. In addition, steering behavior was lively if demanded and exemplary stable on long, fast journeys.

Outside of the futuristic front party, the Yamaha was a solid piece of proven technology. The water-cooled four-in-line power source was borrowed from the then-famous FZR 1000. In war colors that block delivers 145 hp, but for the 'touring use' in the GTS it is tuned back to 100 hp. The characteristic of the block is massaged in such a way that the force is in the low and middle area. Moreover, so many modifications have been made to the block that Yamaha would rather speak of a totally new power source. During testing sessions on the roller box, it turned out that the crankshaft power was between the 105-107 hp.

The GTS 1000 after 40.000 km

And how good was a Yamaha GTS 1000? The magazine Moto 73 used such a Yamaha for a tough 40.000 km test. Apart from regular maintenance, no further investments were needed. Well: the forty thousand hard kilometers had worn the clutch plates pretty well. The chain and sprockets had to be replaced after the 40.000 km.

Was nothing wrong with a Yamaha like that?

Yes! The almost perfect GTS had a clear downside! And what kind! The oil level warning light came on when the 250-300 cc oil level was burned. In terms of calculation, the GTS was therefore based on an oil consumption of 1 liters of oil per 10.000 km, but that light was annoying. Topping up oil was even more annoying. Because for that a flap had to be removed in the tub !. With a screwdriver! And the oil filler cap behind it was also difficult to reach! It seems to be a problem to dream of smiling at night for someone who thinks that 1 liters of oil per 1.000 kilometer is a good value. The fuel consumption of the GTS was incidentally so between the 1 on 15-1 on 20, depending on the haste of his driver. With real hunting, the GTS also drank just one liter per ten kilometers.

The future

All in all, the once so futuristic Yamaha appears to be a carefree, dynamic everyone's friend. Sales technically, the GTSs were not a success. The numbers produced were in any case disappointing for Yamaha. The intrinsic value of these healed classics has not yet completely decreased.

We already saw a neat copy for an asking price of 2250 euros. But how long can you still buy a GTS 1000 for that price?


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  1. i bought a new copy of the gts 1993 in 1000
    I toured it for 12 years and enjoyed it a lot
    afterwards i bought myself a suzuki 600 4cil with more power than the gts
    but after 2 years I was already tired of this
    so I bought a gts again and I ride again comfortable and yet sporty

    • In 1993 bought the first gts 35000 km in 1997 the second Gts in limited edition version 40000 km 2019 the third gts bj 1993 had run 90000 km, now driven 7500 km, all 3 had no costs other than normal maintenance a great engine

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