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It has been a long time ago that 'cars with work' or serious restoration jobs are only very popular. This is of course because the restoration of a classic here in Western Europe has become almost unaffordable. And the generation of classic enthusiasts who simply do such a job under their own management? It is pretty thinned out.

Restoring what was once so popular in former Eastern Bloc countries has also become less topical

The prices there have grown quite well with the West European market, but it is more annoying that many of those former Communists have embraced neo-liberal thinking: They can do it, but if you give them the chance, they will want it again. do the easy way.

An acquaintance had his Peugeot 404 Coupé done in Slovakia. For such a slender beauty, the work was done a bit awkwardly. But the most sad thing was that the coach with the back of a vacuum cleaner appeared to have been sprayed during a medium sandstorm. And then communication becomes difficult. However, outsourcing work is going well if there is constant or regular checking, if necessary by a hired party. Because they can.

The USA approach

The restoration warning applies much more to American restorations than to ex-east block work. Just like many ex-Eastern blockers who have mastered the profession, there are also professionals in the States. But Americans go fairly easily for the idea that sculpting with polyester filler is the ideal way to do a restoration. Then a double-fat layer of paint is applied. Ready. An acquaintance bought a restored Jaguar D type. He didn't have to leave it for the money. But he was less happy when it turned out that his American acquisition was literally modeled with 'bondo', with filler. The car is now ZGAN again. But in a display cabinet is a piece of British Racing Green sprayed filler of almost three centimeters thick.

Restoration is done out of love

Because apart from a fairly limited number of toppers, a real restoration is always irresponsibly expensive. It is not an investment if you look at it on the basis of costs and benefits. A befriended classic specialist once put it this way: “Your restoration is my profit”.

But in the overwhelmed prize money that currently still prevails in classic country, a restoration can ultimately be financially defensible. For example, at Joop Stolze we found an Alvis that requires a lot of work. But the Brit is completely real and honest. Moreover, Alvis is a sub-top player within the enthusiasts as well as the investor world. We assume that this car will be reborn and that if he stays in the Netherlands we will probably meet at Het Loo.

Just get started yourself

Now, of course, not all of us can make the difference if we come across a nice D type, Alvis or Lambo with work. But there are many great classics with work that have been simply inexpensive to purchase for years. Moreover, the range of tools that until ten years ago was only affordable for professionals has now also come within the reach of us, enthusiasts. Take a look at the advertisers Auto Motor Klassiek.

We classic enthusiasts do not have, no longer, all technical genes, a technical background and skills. But with good tools, some practice and patience and with Youtube as our great guide, we are now able to tackle our own restoration jobs ourselves. That is an enrichment of our hobby. And a way to get to know completely different people.

More about practice and technology through this link.

Feel free to let us know if you have restored or restored your own classic.

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