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Have you seen your favorite classic abroad? Then you have probably considered importing it to the Netherlands. Importing a classic car from abroad is very interesting if the car meets a number of conditions. For example, should you use the calculate bpm? What exemptions do you have? We'll tell you more about it in this article. 

The benefits in a nutshell

While there are also strict rules on importing a classic, the benefits you can take advantage of shouldn't be missed. We have listed the main benefits.

  1. A classic car is exempt from import duties
  2. A classic car is exempt from bpm
  3. In addition, classic cars qualify for a reduced VAT rate of 9%
  4. Do you have a classic car over 40 years old in mind? Then this car also qualifies for exemption from the mrb, so the motor vehicle tax. 
  5. And last but not least: all cars older than fifty years are exempt from MOT. 

When is a car generally seen as an 'oldtimer'? 

The next question is of course whether the vehicle you have found is classified as a 'classic'. It is a classic under certain conditions described below.

  • In the Netherlands, one speaks of an old-timer when it is older than 40 years. Years ago, the age limit was raised from 25 years to 40 years, which means that many vehicles are suddenly no longer classic cars. The date of first admission is assumed. 
  • The model will no longer be in production.
  • Usually the vehicle will not be used for its original purpose. So not driven daily 
  • It is generally considered that the vehicle should be largely in its original condition (without major modifications).

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