Yue Loong Feeling

Yue Loong Feeling
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If there was "Made in Taiwan" on a car, it was nothing special. As long as it wasn't a shiny, full-sized wreck for which someone had converted a sloppy € 13.000.

Photos: Luuk van Kaathoven

Yet that actually happened a few times in 1992 in our country. 122 poor bastards somehow got the idea that a Yue Loong Feeling would be a good idea. No one knows exactly why, because it wasn't a price breaker either. The cheapest version cost more than 24.000 guilders at the time, for the most expensive version even 6.000 guilders more had to be transferred to the importer in Sassenheim. At the time, that was the only address in the world outside of homeland Taiwan where you could buy such a nice feeling. In hindsight, that might have been a bad sign.


There was much more for sale for that money. And better. The Yue Loong Feeling wasn't the manufacturer's first model, but it wasn't the best either. The company had been building Datsuns under license for the home market since the 101s and was fairly successful with it. Ignited by this success, Yue Loong released her first own model, the Feeling XNUMX. Basically this was mainly a Datsun Stanza, the body was redrawn in-house. In a very short time, it seems. Or the inspiration was lost. Can happen. The marketing department did not find that any impediment to marketing the car, they had every confidence in it. And a good feeling probably. In the beginning, the Yue Loong Feeling did indeed sell quite well, but very quickly sales plummeted. Especially because the cars themselves did that en masse. Always a good time to start exporting, of course.


As minimally modified Yue Loong Feeling 102, this Taiwanese then came to Europe, to conquer the rest of the world from there. At least that was the intention. However, in order to achieve that goal, a few minor problems still had to be solved. The car itself, for starters. To say the least the quality was nothing to write home about. No one could have read that either. The Yue Loong Feeling slowly fell apart on the way to Europe. The boat trip actually took too long in relation to the lifespan of this model. If the Feeling had been offered for next to nothing, it could have been defended, but the thing was just as cheap as it was modern. It looked very nice in the folder. Roaring terms like Tenderness, Strength and Beauty gave the idea that your life was much more fun, probably even better in such a Yue Loong, but in reality that only applied to the importer. Although…

Bought back

The Abemy Group in Sassenheim was not particularly tempted to consider going public with the Yue Loong Feeling. After having sold about 130 copies to courageous thinkers or gullible car idiots, the misery was already incalculable. The cars were very bad, the customers very disappointed. There were simply not enough parts available to solve the flood of defects. It was impossible to keep up. In order to put an end to this ordeal, all the hurt Feelings were eventually bought back by the importer, if they had not already ended up in scrap. Or lay in parts on a workbench. It seems that there is still one left in Europe, in the Netherlands even. Does not matter, no hard feelings.


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  1. 1992 so again ….. as if it were yesterday … it was about the height of the Luchtvaartstraat
    or was it the Pilotenstraat in Amsterdam, at least in that industrial area
    there was 1 in a showroom, that was too much honor, just parked in front of the window
    Went to look several times, not with the nose against the window
    a revelation then, a strange brand in car land.

  2. I read in the text: “…..the importer in Sassenheim. At the time, that was the only address in the world outside of homeland Taiwan where you could buy such a nice feeling”. Sheer nonsense! There were indeed dealers in the Netherlands where the Feeling could be bought.

  3. Another negative story, bah. AM classic doesn't do it justice. Yue Loong Feeling just belongs to the club every curious, with many enthusiastic members.

  4. Still a neat car. At the moment, by the way, I would rather support the Taiwanese economy than the Chinese one. But of course I prefer just the European one.

  5. With the exception of a few bought back by the importer and sold again somewhere in a central African country

  6. Am I now intrigued to hear the story of the photographed specimen (the one?). Overlooked or lacked the courage to sell it?

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